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    Tea Party Caucus Leader Bachmann Votes for PATRIOT Act

    However, she has opposed Obama on numerous topics, including his Obamacare project and a global currency. Congresswoman Introduces Bill To Ban Global Currency

    She is an outward critic of the current administration, but she still supports fascism and time will tell if she is just another silent partner in Slavery, Inc. She appears to also be Jewish, which immediately counts against her with the tinfoil hat crowd, but I won't hold that against her.
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    Bachmann was born Michele Marie Amble in Waterloo, Iowa, "into a family of Norwegian Lutheran Democrats"<sup id="cite_ref-7" class="reference">[8]</sup> Anoka High School in 1974. After graduating from high school, Bachmann spent time working on a kibbutz in Israel.<sup id="cite_ref-MST-1-1-05_15-0" class="reference"></sup>

    Bachmann and her husband own a Christian counseling practice in Stillwater, Minnesota.<sup id="cite_ref-19" class="reference">[20]</sup><sup id="cite_ref-20" class="reference">[21]</sup>

    I'll forgive the kibbutz time as a learning experience ---

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    I read the same thing with a "WTF" response. Then I read the rest. She seems like a pretty good candidate to me. Very "diverse" background, I guess.

    What I really like is her Tea Party beliefs. I also think the GOP is about to mess up big with some of the other "old time" Washingtonians they keep looking toward. Does anyone really think the Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, or Donald Trump would be good candidates to swing Tea Party votes? They are exactly what the Libertarian / Tea Party types don't like about the GOP- old money corporate types.

    Bachmann seems a good alternative to that IMHO.
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    You're a dork sometimes. (y)
    Michele Bachmann - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Kibbutz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    I just call it like I see it, forgive the fact that I said it only APPEARS as though she is a Jew. The fact she MIGHT be a Zionist was never mentioned.
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    Being in Israel in 1974 shows she has mettle. As long as Israel continues to kill terrorists and supports America's interests in that region; I'll support them.

    Although I would cut a lot of nations from receiving US dollars; Israel would not be on the to be cut immediately list.
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