Micro-management on Steroids

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    I believe that some people had entirely too much toilet training. You can see the compulsion tempting them to peek under the stall when they hear the paper rattling off the roll with directions on how to fold it so you don't use too much. They probably have printed brochures explaining the proper technique so that trees are saved and fingers remain clean. It is a natural progression for these folks to become back-seat drivers and arm-chair quarterbacks extrordinaire. They are experts on essentially everything and the world is lacking only in their wisdom and advice. It is an illness that has no cure; there is no 12-step program for it and Jesus has more important stuff to deal with. Ok...you got a problem; you micro-manage everything. It isn't a problem for you, though it annoys the hell out of everyone you come into contact with. There really is a simple fix.

    Just visualize how much better this world would be if you were totally in charge. Shut your eyes a moment and imagine being totally and complete in directorship of everything going on around you. Nothing but pretty girls as far as the eye can see, plenty of your favorite beer in the refridgerator, the steak done just right...everbody smells like Old Spice, the dog comes when you call it. Children come to you for advice and guidance. It was the alternator belt after all, your way is the best way. Imagine everyone awaiting your instructions in the morning about what to have for breakfast and how to get to work. Everyone is by the phone and awaiting you to call to tell them what to do next....it's big! Really big! Now, while your eyes are still shut, stand and walk to the balconey; pause at the rail for just a moment to savor the intense emotion of knowing you were right all along. Now dive over the balconey and and free-fall to the concrete ten stories below. You are cured.
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