Million Vet March

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by bfayer, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. bfayer

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    The " Million Vet March" march took place in DC today. Even though the weather was cold and wet thousands of people showed up at the WWII Memorial some with bolt cutters in hand.

    The end result is that the WWII Memorial no longer has barricades chained together blocking it's entrances, and the White House has a nice neat stack of barricades sitting just outside the fence line.

    I wonder why they took them there instead of the capitol? Every one knows it's not the President's fault. The news tells us that everyday.

    No violence, no hatred, just simple expression of free speech.
  2. kellory

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    It is a clear statement. that is where obstructions to what is Right and just are currently being kept.
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  3. -06

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    Glad it went on w/o incident. Just would not have been a good thing had there been trouble. Way too many like me that could not go but would have come to their aid. Wonder if "what's his name" will say that he did not even know they were there like he did with the million march a few years ago. POS needs flushing along with his crowd of crooked chicago cronies.
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  5. Dont

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    Did an album of pic's the son posted of his day in the DC
  6. kellory

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  7. VHestin

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    I salute all those involved [winkthumb]
  8. Dont

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    Son said he enjoyed himself and meeting all those vets that made it down there.. Proud of him...
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  10. bfayer

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    I was not there, but was told by those that were, there were some agitators in the crowd with their friends following them around with cameras. I suspect many of the agitators were liberal plants hoping to either start violence or get someone on camera saying racist things about the president.

    As far as I can tell, there was no violence or anyone saying inappropriate things. I have no doubt there will be highly edited video showing up in the next few day trying to show the participants in a bad light.

    I will give most of the local LEOs a big +1 because the vast majority of them appeared to be respectful and just did their job without trying to take away the 1st amendment rights of the marchers. As for their bosses, I don't understand why the LEOs were sent out with riot gear for this march, but not the immigration march earlier in the week. I wonder if they had intel on the agitators?
    This was from the immigration march. Notice the lack of riot gear.
  11. Dont

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    Those danged vet's are some dangerous people.. Can't be to careful around them.. Son was there and mentioned that some pin head was arrested carrying a m4..
  12. bfayer

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    Well then said pin head will never have to worry about that happening again, as he will never legally own another gun when the DC courts are done with him. In DC a spent handgun case will get you arrested, an AR will earn you special attention.
  13. DarkLight

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    Unless you are David Gregory and using it to advance the anti-gun agenda.
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    Sighhhh.. Had to look up who gregory was.. Do not watch that show or network.. Grew very disolusioned with the "news" networks way back when.. As soon as the son said m4, knew that poor sh@t was done!!! By the way.. Anyone else remember national empowerment television on the big dish??
  15. Dont

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    Son was getting some static from a peer over going down there.. He was told he should have stayed away because he is active duty. He conducted himself in an appropriate manor and showed great respect for the vet's..
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  16. mysterymet

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    As long as he did't wear uniform or present himself as speaking as a current member of the military and didn't violate any laws who ever was giving him crap can go pound sand.
  17. Dont

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    And he did not.. Made a point that he did not violate any laws.. But I did note that some of those photo's are well within the areas that had been blocked off..
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