Mobil oil rebates

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    Thought some of you might want to check this out. Mobil oil is currently offering a rebate on their regular and synthetic oils, with or without an oil filter. On the rebate form, it says you can get up to TWO rebates, so might be a great time to stock up on a necessary maintenance item!

    I haven't taken the time to check whether Walmart or Amazon would be cheaper to order from, but remember that if you buy through Amazon, to please do so through the affiliate link here, to help support the board. :cool:

    Full details here, where someone already called to ensure Amazon & Walmart are approved retailers to use.
    5qt. Mobil 1 Full Synthetic Motor Oil: From $10.66 After $12 Rebate + Free Shipping to Store - Walmart Deals, Coupons and Promos
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