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    Had it happen once. Deck ape on the tender let the loop slip over his bollard, Tug was backing down to pull us "Smartly Away". I was Stbd Lookout and saw the Line start to smoke, alerted the OD in time for the Line Handlers
    to hit the deck, line snapped and swung around to hit the Port side of the sail.
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    Lol. Stolen heavies are still a huge problem! Seems only 1 out of 100 deckhands even know how to tie one today. (So they steal others) And for every 10 I see they have 9 of them tied incorrectly. Last one I tied lasted exactly one day before being stolen! She was a pretty one with a huge chunk of lead, yellow monkey fist and braided into a black 120' messenger. It's probably been paint dipped by now making identification hard. Most jokers tie them with all black line, making the nighttime throws a challenge to avoid. It's like a high stakes dodgeball game.
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    This is what I use now, to toss the line for a high limb cutter. It works well, but might work better as a monkey fist around a lead ball. 20160502_072931.
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