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    Ok, I ran across this topic on another board and though it would be interesting to see what you all had to say on it.

    Basicly there was a guy evacuating from NO with Katrina comeing in. He was well prepaired and with traffic and such got low on gas and had to pull over and refuel from gas he brought with him. The sheeple had run out of gas and as he was fueling a mob came up wanting his gas and when he said no they said they were going to take it. He was carrying so pulled his gun and held them off untill he finished fueling and left.

    So the basic thing is, in a similar situation (and if not would you in other situations) if they wouldnt take no for an anwser would you shoot someone over a can of gas?

    My response later but wanted to see what some of you had to say.
  2. Tracy

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    Idealy: I couldn't imagine pulling out my ONLY can of gas in a given situation like that, but rather a smaller, more user-friendly version (like a 2-litre bottle). I'd leave the container for them to fight over (now having knowledge of the masses' desperation) and make my departure.

    I'm assuming the gun he was carrying was a pistol. How large was the mob? If there are more desperate people than bullets, the odds are in their favor (at least those in the back) and they might be willing to take those odds.

    Hopefully, I would have been afforded enough fuel, before the mob hit, to at least get farther up the road. More than likely, I'd look for an "off-road' refueling (less conspicuous) area. If trapped with the masses, I'd play "possum" by day (with an empty tank like the rest) and refuel by night if it were my only viable option, and depart as quickly as possible while most were sleeping.

    To answer your question directly; I would do whatever I felt was necessary to protect my children in any given situation. If it meant it was our lives or theirs, I'd make the obvious choice.
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  3. TailorMadeHell

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    IMHO, I would have to look at details. I'm a libra by the way, so I weigh the situation before committing, if I have enough time.

    If there are two people, one is gunner and and other is refueler. That is if you are refueling by day. If mob takes no for answer, there is always the targetting of limbs on first approaching loud mouthed idiot grasshopper.

    If it's only myself, fuel at night if possible. If not possible fuel enough to get out of situation. If mob comes within my personal space the closest one gets it. After all it would be self-defence. Then again in a situation with mobs running amok, then whose going to point the finger when all is said and done. Then again, don't approach a crowd with a handgun unless it can take down at least 16 people. After that many bodies fall, I'm sure the others will find gas elsewhere. You need a good shotgun for crowds.
  4. E.L.

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    You do have the right to protect yourself and the lives of your family. There are a lot of variables there, would you be out of the danger of the path of the hurricane? Would having a stranded vehicle leave you or your family in danger? Also, do you think they would stop at stealing your can of gas? You have to remember that if it is just an inconvienence then it might not be worth it shooting someone. Brandishing your weapon hopefully does the trick. The civil suits, and/or potential prosecution could make it way more costly than it is worth. That is why it is a good idea to think about the what-ifs. I am sure this individual thought about it while he was driving, and that he knew what might happen.
  5. ghrit

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    A very quick mental exercise gets a really quick answer. Shoot out their tires, that way they don't need your fuel. If the message doesn't get across that way, I like the surreptitious night off road refueling scenario way better. Would I pull the trigger on a sheep? Huge stones I have, but that is a tough call.
  6. monkeyman

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    My anwser, no I wouldnt shoot them for a can of gas BUT I also would not surrender it to them. I would simply refuse to be a victum of theft by placing myself between them and my property, if they attempt to go through me to get to my property however then I would shoot them in self defense. If its just running their mouths they can do so and walk away if they attempt to take whats mine by force then even an unarmed mob is just as deadly as any attacker with a gun, a dozen folks putting the boot to you will kill you just as dead as a bullet, and so I would defend me and mine.

    If at all possible yes it would be far better to get off the hiway and into a less visible location to refuel but if you have waited long enouph to be in the middle of a situation like this you may be moveing so slowly that a tank of gas or what you have left that should have gotten you 100 miles wont get you to the next exit.
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