Mountain house backlog on #10 cans

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    Anybody else hear that mountain house has a 12 week backlog on #10 cans?

    Rumor is that the feds bought everything they had. So the next question is - what are the feds planning for?
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    From survivalblog:

    Letter Re: Long Term Storage Food Vendors are Now Painfully Short on Inventory<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:eek:ffice:eek:ffice" />

    Hi Jim,
    I would be interested in you analysis of this: Nitro-Pak, is not even accepting orders for #10 cans of food.

    Emergency Essentials, ( is out of over half of their #10 can selection.
    Notice that [presently] you cannot order even wheat in cans or pails.

    Is this happening throughout the food storage industry? What is up with all this? - Paul D

    JWR Replies: The storage food industry is relatively small and simply doesn't have the capacity to handle orders from more than 1% or 2% of the population. Because of the recent headlines about global food shortages and galloping price increases, that capacity limit has been reached.

    From what I 've heard, many of the vendors have orders backed up by three months or more. In some instances they've been told by the food packing companies (their wholesale suppliers) that they cannot guarantee or even commit to estimating a shipment date. It is no wonder that some vendors have suspended taking new orders.

    The bottom line: The food storage concept is going mainstream. So expect long delays in order fulfillment. Please patronize SurvivalBlog's paid advertisers first. They deserve your business. Some of these vendors presently have some canned storage foods in stock, available for immediate delivery,. But with the Generally Dumb Public finally waking up, don't expect this product availability to continue much longer.
    UPDATED on Saturday May 17th: I just got word that for the time being, Mountain House has suspended taking any new orders on their freeze dried foods in #10 cans.
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