Mountain Man Arrested – Completely Destroys Judge

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Nov 22, 2013.

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  3. VHestin

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    Three cheers for Ernie Tertegte here!
  4. enloopious

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    At the end when the judge leaves I would have said "on and for the record the judge has abandoned the court and as I am the highest authority in this room I take this court under chattel property rights and declare this case dismissed with extreme prejudice" and then leave immediately.

    That is how we all need to stand up in court and show these usurpers who is really in charge. He was right on about everything but I did not like his phrase natural living person as a person is a legal word but he specifically stated that he does not use or understand legalese so I guess that base was covered too.

    Reference: Robert-Arthur: Menard - Now Serving Brain Food
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    Corporate fiction: ERNIE TERTEGTE

    Every "person" is created by the usurpers of power, and the "name" is a fictitious representation of their corporate holding. Think of it as a corporation with your name in all caps. What is CAPITIS DIMINUTIO? definition of CAPITIS DIMINUTIO (Black's Law Dictionary)

    Actual Living Being: Ernie Tertegte

    See also human, free man, sovereign being, natural man.

    The reason this may not all make sense to most people is because they do not account for ADMIRALTY LAW (Maritime Law), and the very FACT that it is actively the ONLY system in operation. Every court, all judges, every last bit of it operates under the Emergency of War Powers legislation and Admiralty. This is because we are NOT living in a free republic, but a bastardized version of Democracy created by the politicians and bankers who set the system up to begin with. Everything changed on March 6, 1933. This nation has never been the same since.

    The judge did abandon the "ship". He was perfectly right to declare the case closed and walk out. Also, he did not have to show up, as he stated, since the courts were in fact attempting to trick the actual human being (Ernie Tertegte) into accepting his enslavement and the charges against his corporate fictional self (ERNIE TERTEGTE).

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    Absolutely brother. When you start reading their words and realize things like blacks law defines words like human as "a monster" then you start to realize what these judges actually think of us all. Then maybe when people can accept that the legal system has declared us all the enemy, they can stand up and resist it.
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    Oh yeah this thing is far from over.

    On another note, the only rights you have are those you are willing to fight and to die for. That is what makes free men and what makes slaves. Which are you?
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  9. VHestin

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    Ok I see multiple grounds for appeal based on that article of how the court proceedings went. And I hope they do plan to appeal, because they'll have a lot of support.
  10. BTPost

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    If he appeals, without a LawDog, he will not get far.... Appeal Courts are NOT a friendly place for self-appointed representation, especially when the PENALTY IS ONLY $150US.... .....
  11. VHestin

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    For the publicity alone, I'm sure someone will be glad to represent him for the appeal.
  12. BTPost

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    I suspect he will try to go it alone, first and get thrown out on his ear...
  13. Brokor

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    Tertegte is 99% correct. Without a doubt he is free and should not be held to trial.

    He's not one hundred percent right because he failed to recognize the very fact that there is no way to "legally" win, nor get a point across to people like the judge, the jury or to any lawyers. The system is rigged against the free man --it is constantly being sculpted into an ever stronger, all encompassing control mechanism. Just as the "We the People" Foundation went up against the IRS in Federal court, and they had an iron-clad Constitutional case, but the judge and the IRS CHANGED THE LAW RIGHT THEN AND THERE to suit their needs. It's like trying to fight fair against the Mafia.

    It just doesn't sink in for most people.

    Folks aren't enslaved against their will in today's society. Everything revolves around "voluntary compliance", which is a bit of a misnomer. Whether it be ignorance or carelessness, it doesn't matter. Now, it is SUPPORTED by multitudes of willing servants, who are also slaves, but do the bidding of the system out of ignorance, fear, or they comply simply to keep receiving their own paycheck. The police, the judges, the clerks --most wouldn't support a system designed to enslave people if they TRULY understood the nature of what is actually happening. It happened in Britain, and the very same legal trickery is taking place in America, too.

    Research "Lawful Rebellion" and John Harris. He is fighting for freedom in England. He's not wrong. The very same tactics take place in Canada and in the United States.

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  14. enloopious

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    They have stolen our children.
    They have stolen our money.
    They have stolen or labor.
    They have stolen our lives.
    And still people don't see it. They look at us as the problem and can't figure out why people are discontent. With a group of like minded people the size of that audience you could take over any court and demand real justice. There is a video of these people taking over court rooms in england where the common law is not being upheld and arresting the judges. The police have stood down in these cases.
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