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  1. Sharpie44

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    I was thinking about braking my MRE's down into there components. I have 10 in the big sealed packages. i was thinking about braking them down so that I could fit a few more in the drawer that I keep them in. I live in an apartment so space is an issue.

    Any reason not to do this?
  2. Seawolf1090

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    I have a few cases of MRE Entrees ('main meal' only) stored in larger plastic bags. I try one every few months, and have had them a little more than two years now. Not a problem. I keep them in my "Preps closet" with other boxed canned goods, and my camping gear. Just make sure you have no mice - they can chew right through the plastic.
  3. Sharpie44

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    Nope no mice here. The Ferret would be on them like white on rice.
  4. TenGrit

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    When I break down MREs for patrols/convoys I remove the outer bag (save it to put everything back in, it useful for disposing of wastes in a hide) and take the boxes off of all the packages. Remove all the condiments/wetnap/TP/coffee and put them together in a single ziploc bag. Tape the main dish, the side/dessert, and a spoon together and put it back in the bag. Fold the bag over and tape it shut.

    You can now fit 3-4 meals in the space of one manufacturer packed MRE.
  5. magnus392

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    I've had an MRE in my truck for over a year and it was good today when I ate.
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