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  1. Today we had a frost again. (love that I cut the grass yesterday so it my die a bit and be a bit longer before I have to chop it down again to keep the local PC nazi's from complaining about my natural lawn growth.

    Anyway I took a minute to put on the coffee, and poured myself a cup into my simple blue enamle wear cup:


    These things cost almost nothing and can be found nearly everywhere. (I actually have a large number of full place settings of the whole line.)

    The one I have is blackened from using it over a fire to heat water, and comfortably dented from all the things it has banged into.

    While a simple tin can will do for a cup, and the sierra cup with the bi-metal lip that won't burn my lips, and hangs easy from a belt is awesome, the old trusty blue mug of metal is the standby around the place.

    It has served to cook, and drink for longer than I can remember, and always warms the hands when it is cool.

    If you have a favorite camp cup, or heck, just a favorite coffee mug, share it.

    We all have our little tailsmans that we smile when we use, the blue cup is one of mine.

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    I have a slew of coffee cups picked up along the way, not one is metallic nor valuable (excepting the set of china dinnerware that came from my grandmother's estate, way too delicate for my ham fisted ministrations.) The ceramic mugs are favored since they hold the warmth better than the plastic or glass models. Outside, I use an insulated and covered travel mug that fits neatly in the tractor cup holder or hangs off my belt.

    Coffee time is to be treasured, and is.
  3. Aye, brew ups for tea or coffee are my best times for simple relaxing.

    I started calling them brew ups after my Rhodesian buddy moved in down the road a few miles. (out here a few miles makes you a next door neighbor)

    I think he had spent a lot of time in England prior to moving to Rhodesia, but he often tells stories like a TV show, omitting personal data.

    After all he has been through he is one of the best at keeping his OpSec intact.
  4. tacmotusn

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    My two favorite mugs lean towards gigantic. Both are ceramic.
    The one used for mostly coffee is 5 (five) inches tall, and 4 (four) inches across. I am not sure but estimate it holds 20 - 22 ounces. I drink one or two mugs of coffee each morning from this mug. It actually has a Christmas design around it's exterior. Like any good sailor I guard my coffee cup and wash it every couple or four weeks .... lol.
    The other mug often used to nuke leftover soups or stews is 3 (three) inches tall and 5 (five) inches across. One gets a healthy hearty serving from this mug that seldom requires a second serving to warm and satisfy the belly. It is solid cobalt blue in color. It gets washed after every use.
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    That old blue mug just struck a resonant chord somewhere inside me. I don't own one but it's just the kind of everyday stuff that's just so "right."

    I think we all have some not so glamorous items that are in that category and if someone tried to buy an item like that from me, it just would not happen.
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    I like the old enamel mugs,I have 2 green,1 black,1 yellow and somewhere here are 2 blue ones.All have the white speckles except the yellow one.I pick'em up in antique and junk stores when I find them.They remind me of my childhood at my grandmother's house..
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    I have four french press mugs, two of which I use almost daily. Because I have them, I do not have a coffee maker (my wife has one of those silly little keurig machines for when we have company). I roast my own beans, and I can tell you that my two Gunnies will attest to the fact that there is nothing quite like the aroma of the coffee that comes from my mugs. They are a bit bulky, and they don't really warm my hands, By the way, they are from planetarydesign and worth every penny.
  8. Witch Doctor 01

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    i use an old 1/2 liter ceramic beer mug as my coffee cup.... i mean caffine it's how we get work done..
  9. aye, lifer juice, I used to have one of those mugs that looks like a skull but gifted it to the same fellow I gifted a few other things to when he joined up.

    simper fi.
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