My Bread Journey - Sourdough and Others

Discussion in 'Bushcraft' started by Bear, Aug 29, 2015.

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  2. Ganado

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    lol no you live after eating Bear bread =)
    Experimental food is well.... experimental and can have experimental results
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    Spiderman? Superman? Sourpussman? Ahh... I'm Batman (coarse gravelly whisper)
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    Bear bread batman? I don't think so lol

    HANZO Hawaii Hero! Much better.
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    @Bear is already the Hawaii Hero. Couldn't and wouldn't step on his toes, @Ganado. Maybe just Loafman. THAT sounds pretty good.
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  6. Bear

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    Aloha Gang,

    More Sourdough adventures... be warned... graphic grossness to follow...

    Still here?

    OK.... so I promised my Daughters friend who is a vegan that I would bake her a loaf of sourdough bread after my Daughter explained to her that my bread just had flour water and salt in it...
    Oh and a few little beasties that float around in the air... and help the dough to rise with their copious farts ;)
    So she tried some that my Daughter took for her and she liked it.... hence my promise....

    Still here?

    Ok.... so you know us bears... always wanting to push the limit... and pretty much love things that are "low maintenance"... (our wimmins too ;) )
    So I had 3 mason jars full of starter.... one I left and used after reviving after 1 week with no feeding....
    The second I left and used after reviving after 2 weeks with no feeding... remember that black diarrhea stuff I found and poured out.... that's the one I used to make @Hanzo a loaf....

    Still here????? 3rd and last warning.....

    OK.... this 3rd jar has been left in for over 3 weeks with no feeding....
    Black dried up poop on the top....

    oh wait... is that mold????.... who knows.... mold is good for you right?????..... I mean I like blue cheese....

    Still here?????.....

    Here's the pics.... carefully scraped off the black and blue fuzzy poop... with about multiple spoons... didn't want to recontaminate the starter....
    Smelled it... the starter not the poop.... and yup... she smells like starter.....
    This stuff is now the consistency of very very thick peanut butter....

    So I fed it.... 6 table spoons water... 5 table spoons whole wheat flour....
    mixed her up... and now she is sitting....

    Think she is still alive?????

    We'll see....

    LOL.... ain't it fun baking with a bear?!?!? probably turn out to be the best loaf I make.... if she is still alive :(

    So there's the latest update....

    Now you know why you don't want a bear in your kitchen ;)

    Have a great day everyone!

    Take Care and God Bless,










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  7. JohnSteven

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    This is a really great thread!
    I think you're right bear... about it being "basic bushcraft"

    (will pass on the explosive diaper parts IF POSSIBLE)
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  8. Ganado

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    [LMAO] I love your experiments! and you make me laugh, even your mold is neat and ordering lol, look at all those lined up spoons[lolol] with mold on them [ROFL] such a scientific, orderly mind ;)

    and just goes to show you even bears cant kill sourdough starter
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  9. Ganado

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  10. Bear

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    @Ganado Its ALIVE!!!!!!!


    Even with dried sludge and unknown fuzzy critters on top!!!!!

    Bear did not kill his sourdough starter!

    My babies are still healthy, eating and farting away!!!!!



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  11. Ganado

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    Oh my the mad scientist is born! Lol
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    Moto makes note to self, when @Bear says be warned he means it.
    Certainly delivered on the graphic grossness. Are you sure that is okay to eat? Have you made bread with it & fed it to @Hanzo yet?
  13. Hanzo

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    ...because hanzo eats anything...
  14. kellory

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    He's related to Mikey.
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  15. Bear

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    DUDES!!!!!!!! (and Dudettes ;) )


    Sourdough loaf is out of the oven and is AWESOME!

    Smell is amazing and came out the best so far...

    Guess it helps to mess up, use gross starter and keep the faith!

    Parchment paper this time.... worked like a dream.... just came right off...

    This one is going to my Daughter's friend... so it's great it came out my best so far!!!!!!

    Life is amazing (or maybe I am just easily wowed by the life's simplest pleasures and wonders ;) )

    Love this song (yeah I played cowboys and indians and love Gunmoke and Matt Dillon! )and it just goes with making your own
    bread and so many others things on a terrific day!

    Enjoy all!

    Take Care and God Bless,








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    I make a motion Bear gets banned from this forum forever.....his crime? Bread porn!!!!! For shame!


    Looks like your best loaf yet.

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    A beauty @Bear

    Bread porn? Lol it does make me hungry when I look at his creations. I can almost smell them. I think @Bear is more likely to get banned for experimenting on @Hanzo. Especially if we don't hear from Hanzo for awhile. ;) But heck what are friends for if you can't experiment on them. :D
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