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    This is my work in progress; a small BOB to tide me over in order to get to the rest of my gear. Of course, I am still adding to it, so there will be more to come:


    An SOG EOD Powerlock, Lanksy sharpening stick, Spec Plus Fighter, and Mini-Mag with Nite Ize.


    Mess kit, with Clif Bars to tide me over if I can't catch anything on the run.


    A small, basic med kit to tide me over until I can get my full gear with full med kit.


    A hand-crank radio for listening to news reports while I'm on the go.


    The full bag, with 2QT canteen, and minus my orienteering compass. My gear fits into this Swedish bread bag nicely, and when I can get to my full gear it attaches to the MOLLE straps as a buttpack.

    The main thing I have going with this is small essentials to get me by, and small enough to fit into my cramped living conditions (a dorm room for now). If I could, I'd have my full three-day pack with sleeping gear, etc, but it's just not practical in my dorm.

    I realize there isn't much in this bag, but I'm going for light and inconspicuous (minus the large knife). Even my full gear isn't much, because I'd rather live by knowledge than having to rely on gear I might lose, never get, or have fail on me.

    Any suggestions for anything else to add? Any thoughts?
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    Right now, I don't have anything to tell you to add because I don't know the surroundings that you will have to go through to get to your larger bag. One thing I can tell you, is that you should consider getting rid of that mess kit. If you are on the move, there isn't going to be much need for it and it is the worst noise maker ever invented it is a literal gong. If you are trying to shave down size, weight, or trying to make more room, get rid of the silverwear. Anything you need a spoon for, you can slurp out of it's container, anything you need a knife for, well the SOG can fit that bill. As for a fork, God either gave you fingers or the point of the knife. By taking that kit out, you will save a ton of room and space, and won't give yourself away if you need stealth.
    Again, I don't know what you are traveling through, but at at least a small water purifier would replace the space of that mess kit. A small poncho or medical blanket would make for a good shelter or body wrap if it is cold.
    In the survival world, signal, shelter, water fire, food in that order. If you live in a climate that shelter isn't as important, move it down until it is. Now go back and re-assess your kit using that principle and you will solve a lot of your problems. Good luck, hope that helps.
  3. Tango3

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    For my area and personal experience (heavily wooded Northernamerican forest)I'd add:

    Add some kind of shelter (tarp/poncho) some para cord,and spaceblanket is small weighs nothing,some snelled fishooks, a few sinkers,foil, yarn, some monofiliment fishing line,Ditch the messkit, add some folded hvyduty aluminum foil .add a metal. Canteen cup,or a deep "sierracup" the spoon is a nice option, otherwise use twigs as chopsticks. A Small waterfilter or potable aqua tablets. ( survival straw, personal filtered bottle or) .You can always boilwater 5 minin the canteen cup. The radio is a nice handcranker but is 3x the size of what you want too carry. there are plenty of am/fm "sport" radios the size of a pack of gum with earbuds.
    I'm all about lightweight. You should probably find a good basic paperback sized book on surival in your kind of terrain, readit, practice alittle ,throwit in, and you've got to include at least one large bandana.:It is the single most useful item I carry backpacking , potgrabber,hat, sling, first waterfilter,hankerchief,scarf,towell.etc,etc.
    Power bars soundlike a good idea. I've always read ( but don't follow)you should put a packet of dry dog food in your kit because you won't eat it normally and it;'ll always be there. Great start.

    You've got to add a magnesium fire starter and a 35mm filmcannister full of vaseline covered (real) cotton balls for firestaring.themagnesium flakes burn at a really high temp and work well starting fires even in wet/damp conditions. Practice when you hands aren't numb and shaking...once you do it it will add to your confidence level during an emergency.
    Howabout a watchcap/gloves? You should carry a small really sharp pocket folder for creating traps and the like.Add some picture hanging wire for creating snares.
    Of course I have left much out; If you pack all this you don't need to get to your "full gear" ( don't know what else you could coneiveably "need" to live outside for awhile.) ....this'll be enough for living for awhile...
  4. E.L.

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    Besides what was already mentioned, the only thing that I would really add would be a multi-tool. I would think that the H2O filter/purification tablets are a must.

    Thanks for the info on the mess kit sniper, I have one I need to move from my BOB to my long term kit (which I take when camping).

    Good stuff.
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    One thing I don't know if you have in that kit is an earbud for your radio. If you are doing a day or night watch and don't want anyone to hear your radio, an earbud will work great as you can hear the radio with one ear and keep the other open for noise. Just a thought.
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    I would at least adda roll of nylon twine, an emergency blanket, a 10' x 10' or larger piece of heavy mill plastic, and something for water purification be it a filter of some kind or the purification tabs. Other than that it looks like it should be reasonably servicable.

    As far as needing a kit to get to your kit though, I would be curious as to what all the main kit consists of if its that big? I know my primary BOB is in a moderatly large book bag type backpack, way small for a camp pack or anything but large as book bags go. It dosnt have sleeping bags and such but has everything for shelter, cooking, getting food, some food, med kit, water purification systems, multiple fire sources and so on in it and is about half the size of a foot locker.
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