My first introduction to Alaska

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    S.O. (significant other) was working all over the "bush" of Alaska. and he can tell you allllllllll about that :) An opportunity came that I should meet him and stay with some friends in a little place called Dillingham. With one baby in tow and another on the way,[yukface] I climbed aboard Alaska flight 67 (with service from Seattle to Anchorage). Arriving at Anchorage International Airport (as it was named at the time) I then prepared to transfer to the little plane that would take me to Dillingham. In the days before TSA, I carried a small pepper spray canister in my purse. Having carried it from Seattle, it was confiscated from me in Anchorage lest I try and take down this propped thingy that looked like it could hardly fly.......go figure. After a bit of a weather delay, we took off for Dillingham...... remember those old black and white movies where the stewardesses wore dresses and high heels and people smoked?....... and then they hit bad weather and the plane is bouncing all over, and the passengers look scared and the pilot looks nervous....... that was this flight only in 1974. Soon, but NSE (not soon enough), the pilot announces we will be landing. Well, he's leading so I guess I will follow, although different parts of this plane seem like they will arrive at different times. The "runway" is a gravel driveway for crying out loud! Good thing I didn't see this part until we were actually down on it. ;) Up until this point, it never occurred to me that multi-engine planes landed on anything other than a black-top or cement surface, but I digress.....
    I was met by the lovely Smith family with hubby to come in a few days. We slept in a honest to God one room log cabin with honey bucket and all.
    MY pregnancy induced nausea was dying for fresh milk so off to the local grocery store where I laid down $4 for a half gallon of 2% milk! The year... 1974!
    In the days to follow I was introduced to small airplane flying and landing on the beach at some remote location and also on the main street of town. I think I fell in love with the land somewhere along there despite the morning sickness.
    next to come................ an opportunity of a life time

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    Took away your pepper spray lol Like you would do something with it lol.
    Sounded like a very hard trip with baby's.
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    ahhhhh but worth the introduction
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