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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by RightHand, Nov 18, 2007.

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    As someone who loves to cook, Sundays are my time to prepare my food for the week. I love the smells and colors of the kitchen.

    I have a few favorites in my kitchen. My big black cast one frying pan that belonged first to my great-grandmother, then my grandmother, my mother, and now me. Someday it will be my daughter's and then my granddaughters. I have thousands of dollars worth of professional cookware but cast iron is still my favorite.

    I love my chef's knives which I sharpen on my father's honing stone and store carefully in teak sheaths made especially for each knife by a cabinetmaker friend of mine.

    I love my custom made baking sheets I had one of the guys in my shop make for me 20 yrs ago. Thick stainless steel that heats so evenly that if one biscuit is burned on the bottom, you can count on them all being burned exactly the same.

    From years of use, my wok has acquired the color of ironstone, a shiny grayish black.

    These are the tools of my hobby.

    At the moment, the house is filled with the aroma of peppers and onions cooking slowly in the cast iron pan. Green, red, and orange peppers and a giant Vidalia onion. Soon, I'll add some beautiful fresh white mushrooms and brown mushrooms from a local mushroom farm and then later, a little of what I call my Harvest Sauce that I canned at the end of the growing season. A tomato based concoction with whatever needs to be picked before frost added in. Later in the week, I put this over fresh made bread or maybe a little Mostacholli.

    There is stew meat braising in the oven but soon I'll move it to the stovetop and add some carrots and onions and a little of the harvest sauce. Tonight I'll add the rest of the veggies and top it will some dumplings.

    I have cranberries on a slow heat so the smell of these beautiful red jewels and the orange zest adds a tart aroma to the mix. This will be for Thanksgiving (if there is any left by Thursday)

    I have a couple lbs of fresh carrots cooking slowly in Guinness with some cloves, mustard seeds, and pepper corns.

    Later today I'll make some pepper jelly to add to the Thanksgiving table. I love the clear green color and tangy flavor.

    I'm ready for the week.
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  2. Tracy

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    You paint such a beautiful picture with your words, RightHand.

    I can almost smell the aromas.

    Enjoy your day!

    T :)
  3. Blackjack

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    You sound like my wife :)

    Her prize kitchen implements are her Wusthof knives and some Le Creuset pots..... but her favorite by far is her grandmothers Griswold cast iron skillet.
  4. ghrit

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    Ah, FOOD!! I may have to move back to New England -- [booze]
  5. wildernessgal

    wildernessgal Backwoods is a callin'

    Ahhhhhhhhh sounds familiar/I can so relate!!!! I LOVE to cook (from scratch) for myself/family, and even with my new job, I still make everything in advance for the week, 'cause I'm not one for promoting eating garbage/unhealthy foods. Folk will definately pay for their "convenience foods" in the future (as it greatly affects your health/lifespan).

    GOOD HEALTHY FOOD IS KINDA LIKE AN INSURANCE POLICY without all of the added expense!!!! :)

    Enjoyed hearing about "YOUR KITCHEN" thanks for sharing! ;)

    (who's been doing her Thanksgivin' PREPS since 3:00am lol Mmmmmmmmmmm it smells so good!)

    P.S.- No matter what you are doing, you always need good tools.... that's for sure!!!!
  6. Sapper John

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    Thank You for helping to stir up some childhood memories of my Mother and Grandmother working and enjoying cooking for our family, and to remind me of just how special it was and how I so miss it. They have both been gone now for so long and are truly missed,,,thank you for the opportunity to relive those precious times.
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