My Name is Ric, Im a Compass Addict..

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Ricochet, Aug 23, 2007.

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    I don't know what it is about these simple devices, but I love collecting them and having one on every trip I take.

    I own three that I am very proud of, they are all made by Brunton out of Riverton Wyoming. Extremely durable and accurate.

    The first one (#1: 8040G) is the one that I take out the most. It has a mirror, thermometer, Declination meter and doubles as a map reading compass.
    What type of compass do you use, and why?

    Here's my top three:

    #1: 8040G


    #2: 6 Spectra

    #3: 9020G
  2. griffin1340

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    Don't quite know if I fit the term 'addict' but I have a compass for just about everything I do.

    I have a Brunton and a Silva Ranger that I carry with the hunting kit. [Both dummy corded to different parts of the bag.]
    My main compass is still the old standby USGI tritium lensatic. And I still have a few of the little ones I got as a kid in Cracker Jack! I still remember seeing James Garner in "The Great Escape" taking his hidden compass out of his collar.

    Still have a GPS that I don't trust! Must be too "old school"
  3. <exile>

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    Look pretty neat too bad I have no idea how properly navigate using one.
  4. griffin1340

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    It is a pretty easy skill to learn, it just takes practice,practice...practice!
    With a good instructor you could learn the basics in about 2 hours.
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