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    Hello all,New here.Just wanted to see what yall are doing as far as sealing,ironing your mylar bags of what ever your putting in them.....I made up a nifty little device that is essentially a 1/2" steel tube welded onto a pc. of 1 1/2" muffler tubing.
    The 1/2" tube is about 8'' and the 1 1/2" tube....about 4" goes on the hose of my small wet/dry vac.

    I lay my mostly full 4.5 mil-5.5 mil bags down on the table at a slight angle,to avoid spillage.....insert the 1/2" tube into a corner of the bag.....get out the OL's iron and iron a 1"wide seam right up to the tube and along side the tube.....hold the tube in place so it doesnt fall out....and hit the go button on the vac.

    It draws down damn near hard as a rock!!! this time,I switch hands,grab the iron and work it on the space where the tube is.....SLOWLY pushing out the tube with the iron and iron it closed giving you a nice seal!!

    It may take some practice but it's just about fool proof!!!
    You can do the same thing with your 2-6 gallon buckets....same method but it requires a bit of co-ordination!!

    Of course it's good to throw in a 500 cc 02 drier in your bags and several of them in your buckets!!;)[beer]
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    Great post. Any chance of pics?
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    you are really going to alot of un-necessary work ..... absolutely no need to extract every little bit of air out of the bags ..... have no idea who started this kind of BS got started ..... follow how the professional packers have been doing it for the 20 years ..... get the majority out ..... throw in 300-2000 depending on bag size & food being packed ..... you need 02 absorbers no matter what .....
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    Thanks Man!!.....................I tried posting pics earlier this evening....damn thing wudnt let me!![dunno]
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    well...........that may Indeed be the case!! but I like foolproof packin,I dont feel like doin the same thing twice....if in fact the 02 absorbers dont pull down the bag.
    I've had several instances where I've used fresh 02 absorbers in gallon bags that DIDNT pull down.....damifino[dunno]
    So........I vacuum every single bag from now on in....and YES INDEED....I use oxy absorbers.(y)
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    a few pictures

    Let's see if this works this time:

    NOPE,No can do

    but I did manage to get my trike my avatar!!
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    Looking forward to pics. I just roll the air out and use the o2 absorbers.
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    I don't get all the air out. I put the bag in the bucket, fill the bag with whatever (rice, beans, wheat, etc.) then using a 1" dowel across the top of the bucket I will seal the bag leaving about 1" open. I will squeeze most of the air out then seal the remaining 1" By adding O2 absorbers and waiting overnight the bags will develop a slight vacuum and it lets me know that all is sealed up.
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    Sounds like a good idea to seal the bag evenly. I use a partial 2x4 but something round would work better I think.

    Yep, make sure you use adequate O2 absorbers for the size bag even if you vacuum air out. A shop vac probably won't even come close to the right amount of vacuum to to the job right.

    It doesn't hurt if you want to reduce the size so it fits better but be careful if you pack rice or something similar so it doesn't poke through the bag, I always pack short grain rice, it's less pointy and never had a problem.

    Even if the O2 absorber doesn't pull the bag in really tight it is still working fine, the main point is it removes the oxygen and that doesn't require a tight vacuum. Just make sure the O2 absorbers are good and haven't sucked in air while being stored, the packs I bought had a little pill that changes color to make it easier to tell. You generally want to take them straight from sealed bag to the mylar and iron as quick as you can, you don't have to be like lightening but don't go take a piss before you seal the mylar bag up. I like to use a fresh Mason jar to hold the extra packs while I am working on them and then quickly take what I need and seal the lid back up.
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