Mylar bags, where to buy them locally

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Gesko, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. Gesko

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    I'm currently in the US, in MA Boston area and was hoping to pick up some mylar bags here, since i'm not able to get them in Germany, at least not at a reasonable price. Does anyone know of a local store in this area here where i could buy them.
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    I agree with YD. Amazon can ship anywhere and usually pretty quick and cheap.
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  5. Gesko

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    Does amazon ship to hotels though? I know some companies don't. I'm here till next week friday, so shipping time should be plenty
  6. I also buy from and have been very pleased. I usually limit my selections to those sold direct from amazon and not other vendors.
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    yeah i ordered mine from amazon while still in the US, now i have to get some 5 gallon buckets here and then food storing can start
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    If you need buckets, the local German "hardware" stores (like Toom) have brand new empty paint pails. They are oval shaped and are a 15 liter size. They might have larger ones - but when I bought pails there, I got the 15 liter size. These have never had paint in them and are new when purchased. They have lids that come with them too.
    Here is a picture of one of the ones I have:
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    thanks for that information, didn't know that.
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    no problem. I lived in Germany for a few years, and had to be creative with food storage. When the movers here in the states were unloading those buckets - they thought they were paint and tried to put them in the garage. I asked them to put them into the house and showed them where I wanted them put. :)

    By chance are you near K-Town?
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    not sure what you mean with K-Town, but i live not far from Dusseldorf if you know that
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    K-Town is a slang term for Kaiserslautern - near the big U.S. air base there.

    Yes, I know where Düsseldorf is - north of Cologne if I remember right. :)
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    Hey guys!

    I have quite a bit of experience in storing hops and dried foods in mylar bags! You have to watch to not fold mylar bags more than once as otherwise you'll start to get pin-hole tears in them. This can be a real problem when you're talking long-term. I mainly buy bundles from a shop called Mylar Shop. Another thing you have to watch out for is when you're buying oxy absorbers you're going to need some way to reseal them as, if left open to the air, they're going to run out quickly!

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