nasa to discuss condition of the sun

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Tango3, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    Nasa is holding a press conference to discuss findings of reduced electromagmnetic activity in the sun:

    NASA To Discuss Conditions On And Surrounding The Sun
    <!-- Body starts -->WASHINGTON — NASA will hold a media teleconference Tuesday, Sept. 23, at 12:30 p.m. EDT, to discuss data from the joint NASA and European Space Agency Ulysses mission that reveals the sun’s solar wind is at a 50-year low. The sun’s current state could result in changing conditions in the solar system.

    Like we need more problems; Can't the fed just buy it and shovel dollars into the furnace and turn up the heat????
  2. Seawolf1090

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    Better get Algore onto it - he'll 'invent' something for it. He's our version of Wesley Crusher - Al will save the Earth!

  3. BAT1

    BAT1 Cowboys know no fear

    Is this an indication of reduced activity possibly indicating the sun could collapse and super nova? That would burn about 150 ft deep worth of surface off the Earth like a laser as the planet rotates. I don't know exactly how that works, but I'm sure it will be expensive. Hadn't taken that into consideration. Better dig deeper to set that septic tank for an underground shelter. Jeez.
  4. Seawolf1090

    Seawolf1090 Retired Curmudgeonly IT Monkey Founding Member

    I'm really hoping and praying it's just part of the natural cycle - otherwise, there simply isn't anything to be done.
  5. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    get a vehicle and keep just ahead of sunrise??:shock:[lolol]
  6. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    That would be an interesting vehicle. Just over 1000 mph at the equator. [beat] [coffee2]
  7. Byte

    Byte Monkey+++

    You all realize that soon they're going to reveal that this too is our doing... With the increased knowledge of skin cancer and other issues associated with time spent under the sun we're all over protecting ourselves. I'm sure it's something in spf50 lotion that when allowed to evaporate off our skin changes something somewhere that somehow effects the sun. Al Gore will get to go on tour again though! Lucky us!

  8. Tango3

    Tango3 Aimless wanderer

    1000 mph?( where's the "DOOFUS" SMILEY):shock: whoa mr.wizard!(Concorde is retired isn't it; I had absolutely no idea) thanks:) [beer]
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