National ID, You've been hoodwinked

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    It takes a trip through 10 states to get an idea of what is going on in the Big Brother arena. A lot of times we think a law or policy is just our quirky state's deal. I remember a friend from California amazed that the labels in Kentucky read "The State of California has determined that this product blah blah blah". He assumed that every states label said that but with, say, Kentucky substituted for Cali.

    A lot of patriots are talking about the Real ID act that is supposed to go into effect next year. I hear a lot of posturing and saber rattling about who isn't going to get it and what they will do instead. Those folks have been duped. You and I already have it. The .gov has had us focused on the "national' part of the real ID and so we have all been sitting here waiting for the .gov to roll out some sophisticated tracking ID with NAU or Ministry of Love written across the top of the ID card.


    What they did is implement a list of 'suggested features' for each state to adopt over the past 4-5 years. They did and we all just thought it was our states way of making the ID more counterfeit proof. gave the states some room to keep some features of your DL or ID card unique so it looks a little different from you neighbors. But.... The National ID parts are all the same. I had to stop for Diesel a lot this past week of driving. I compared DLs with truckers from many states. They are the National ID card in State ID card clothing.

    You know that new funky looking bar code that is on the back of all new DLs? It's the same code that UPS now uses for automated tracking/scanning. That code is the National ID card. I read somewhere that the old barcode system can hold something like 1MB of information and the new system can hold the entire library of Congress. That may well be slightly exaggerated but you get the point.

    Hotel after hotel swiped, er, placed my DL in a reader that scanned that code. I never needed to tell them my name or address for registration. It may also raise a flag as I pay in cash at every stop. (One Holiday Inn desk clerk had to call a manager one night because she didn't know how to take cash!)

    One stop outside of Denver for a six pack of beer for the room asked for my ID. Clerk swiped the new barcode on my DL. I bet that went in a .gov DB for consumers of alcohol... Or is now on a list available for sale to Health Insurance Companies.

    I hit a Toll road in Kansas and paid my $2.15 toll with a $100 bill. One lane for cash, a couple for CCs and a speed lane for those that wanted to place a chip on the dash. Toll Clerk asked for my DL. Another swipe of that mushy looking barcode and then he need to take a picture of my License plate so I had to drive away slowly.

    If any of you haven't read Rebel Grey by Claire Wolfe and Aaron Zellman, This is almost right out of that story.

    We often think of the .gov as an inept bunch of bungling, keystone cop-ish bureaucrats but the reality is that this same .gov is capable of placing a missile down a chimney from 6000 miles away. I almost think that GW is play acting as an oratory idiot to disarm our unease.

    They have succeeded in making us think that we would have a d-day type announcement about the National ID card while sneaking it in the back door. Semantics play a large role in how we think. Picture someone joining the forum whose user name was IrishGirl....

    Can you see her? Red hair and green eyes with a bright smile? Nope. I use that moniker from time to time elsewhere for exactly that image that the name alone creates.

    National ID card. It's whats in your pocket.
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    Well that easy then since the 2d code and the bar code are not a chip set up so scratch the hell out of your license hell remove it lol they are printed on it and not embedded.
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    You have been too close to "home" for too long, methinks. That bar code is coordinated with your passport, and will be coordinated with the RFID chips in the passports when they are fully deployed. When, not if, we get uniform CCW rules state to state, it'll be there, too. I'm not optimistic about escaping it for just about anything you want, up to and including nose picking.

    Glad I got thru the Dragon's Tail before they get around to scanning your retinas to be allowed to run it.

    I'm also re-assessing my needs, downsizing for the short term, and will stock up heavily when I get relocated within the next couple months. Looks like fun times a'comin'.
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    Oh yes, I'd have to agree "FUN TIMES ARE DEFINATELY A' COMIN'!!!" (<--much has already begun sadly,& we ain't seen nothin' yet!?!?)

    (whose forte' at times is SARCASM)
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