National Preparedness Month September 2017

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    As Hurricane Harvey’s aftermath still continues, it is a perfect opportunity to start conversations on being prepared. Disaster often wake people wake to how truly venerable they are. Since National Preparedness month start this week and Texas is in the middle of a disaster, it should be easy for many of us to start the conversation. Family, friends and neighbors or maybe a co-worker, now is the perfect time to mention being prepared just in case., FEMA and the Feds have designated September as National Preparedness Month. This year’s theme is, ““Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. You Can.” This is a time when schools businesses and other associates focus on preparing for disaster. It is also a time when you also can talk to family and friends who have not prepared. National Preparedness month is broke out in weeks. Each week they give a list of what you should be doing to prepare.

    Week 1: September 1-9
    Make a Plan for Yourself, Family and Friends

    Make an Emergency Plan.
    Sign up for alerts and warnings in your area.
    Learn your evacuation zone and have an evacuation plan.
    Check your insurance coverage and review the Document and Insure Property guide.
    Plan financially for the possibility of disaster.

    Week 2: September 10-16
    Plan to Help Your Neighbor and Community

    Learn skills you need to help yourself and others until help can arrive.
    Take Until Help Arrives training.
    Check on your neighbors.
    Talk with your Power Company about utility safety.
    On National Prepareathon Day, Friday, September, 15, hold an event.

    Week 3: September 17-23
    Practice and Build Out Your Plans

    Complete an Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK)
    Maintain emergency savings for use in case of an emergency
    Participate in an emergency drill
    Know how to access community resources (e.g., shelters, food banks)

    Week 4: September 24-30
    Get Involved! Be a Part of Something Larger

    Get your campus, business, faith-based organization and community organization prepared for an emergency
    Join Weather Ready Nation Weather-Ready Nation This could involve becoming a Weather Ambassador and helping local officials and
    Sign up for Ready Business Workshop FLASH - Ready Business Workshops

    If you are a manager or business owner; then Ready Business maybe something the company could join or just look at the site and see if things are covered in your workplace. Ready Business wants businesses to, Identify the Risk; Develop a Plan; and Take Action. Having a plan prior to emergency or disaster is a key thing to have rather than figuring it out the day of.

    I recall when Atlanta had their ice storm. They were not prepared. Not on a city or county level. Businesses had no plans for a disaster like this. I am sure schools never thought “what if”. People were deserted, kids stuck on busses. It was a mess. I am unsure what they could have done but I am sure the Atlanta Metro area has plans in place now. Remember, Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. You Can
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    September 15 is the peak of Hurricane season and winter isn't far away so it makes sense.
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    We are in the beginning of redoing our Church Wards Emergency preparedness book. I see there are a few things at the workshops page that could be of help as well. Who contacts who, what to do first, contact lists etc etc. Thank you.
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