National Propane Shortage Leads to Drastic Price Increase

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by stg58, Jan 20, 2014.

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    I have two 500 gal tanks that I top off twice a year. By having a larger supply I usually ride out price peaks plus I have a good guy in the local supplier who warns me of planned price hikes. The only reason for this post is to remind you folks that have larger tanks 100 # or larger is to have a wet leg installed so that you can refill your smaller tanks (20#) with wetleg. Saves on running around swapping out tanks.
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    We usually turn our 20# and 100# tanks, upside down, and fill our 3# tanks! and Bottles from them, with a filling Adapter.
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    My 500 gallon Tank has been full and in reserve for two years now. Between that one and my 100 pounders, grill tanks and such Im sitting on 500 gallons. I felt it would be a great investment. It is. KF
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    When I tried to get one from my local dealer to fill the small tanks we used for stoves at Boy Scout outings, he said that selling them is illegal, immoral, dangerous, and fattening. I asked how they filled them in the first place if it was so dangerous, and he didn't have an answer for that, but I've never been able to find a filling adapter for the small tanks, or the long narrow kind that fit in the shell of my Bernz-o-matic lantern.

    William Warren
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    You can buy the filling adapter online, and at places like gander Mt. I have the old style, the new ones are much smaller.
    Do a site search. I believe this has been discussed here, and I think links were posted.
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    I bought mine from Northern Tool, a decade ago....
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    If you are an Amazoner, the following link is to a search for propane refill adapters (that goes through the Monkey referral link). propane refill adapter

    Harbor Freight (for local pickup if you're in a hurry) - Propane Refill Kit - Refill Propane Bottles with Ease!

    Gander Mountain -

    If you are going to order online, might I suggest you use Amazon though since there's a little kick-back to the site.
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