New Deadly Flu Erupts

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  1. Just for the record H5N1 the deadliest ever flu bug is 2 mutations away from world pandemic and society demolition, but while waiting produced 3 derivatives almost as deadly and just on their infancy H5N3, H7N2 and now H3N2. Call me paranoid, but if you read up about any of these.... maybe you can see what I see. Prepare !!!
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    I seen on Fox this Morning there has been 1 or 2 Swine flu out breaks in Ohio and they are warning people who are going to the state fair.
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    I've been researching anti-virals for a long time and one of my favorites is the common black elderberry... Sambucus Nigra. It grows wild here and many other states too. If you can't find it you can order it by the pound from You can tincture it in Vodka, store it in a dark place and it will last for many many years! There are several studies floating around on the net by valid researchers that back up the claims of effectiveness. I think EVERYBODY should keep it at all times as it really is effective. At least as effective as Tamiflu or similar scripts.
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    Thats too close for comfort ain't it???
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    Yes it is... I've been in Tactical Firearms Instructor Scool all week and today was my last day I left the house about 4:30 this morning going up to Hurricane and heard on the radio that threr has been 3 confirmed cases in Mason County WV. When I gt home found this.

    Swine flu makes its way to WV

    Posted: Aug 16, 2012 5:56 PM EDT Updated: Aug 17, 2012 9:53 AM EDT
    By Gil McClanahan, Reporter - bio | email

    The three swine flu cases are children under 18.
    All three live in Mason County, but officials said they got swine flu from the Gallia County, Ohio, Fair which is across the river from Mason County.
    "What we've seen is people that have been exposed at the Gallia County Fair contracted the virus. All of these people had some type of contact in the pig or swine area," said Mason County Health Officer Dr. Curtis Pack.
    Dr. Pack said pigs at the Mason County Fair showed no signs of swine flu. The Mason County Fair followed the Gallia County Fair.
    "I think any type of flu is scary especially if you have little ones and for the elderly. Just flu itself sounds scary," said Julie Benson of Mason County.
    As the season progresses health officials are expecting to identify even more cases of swine flu as efforts to identify the virus increase
    "We have a specialist who follows disease processes. What they develop is a line going from person to person to person and they track the progress of the disease," said Dr. Pack.
    He adds the virus is showing no signs of human-to-human spread. It's spread from pig-to-pig.
    "I just feel like everybody needs to take the right precautions. The hand washing seems to be the best protection," said Kathryn Wamsley of Henderson.
    Most cases have been mild, but some have been hospitalized for swine flu. No fatalities have been reported.
    For more information on swine flu and the H3N2 virus:
    19298781_BG2. 19298781_BG2.
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    After 1st case reported in Beijing, WHO's China chief says new bird flu was expected to spread

    Associated Press | Apr 14, 2013 5:46 AM CDT in Science

    A World Health Organization official said Sunday that it wasn't surprising that a new strain of bird flu had spread to China's capital after sickening dozens of people in the eastern part of the country.

    Up until Saturday, when Beijing officials reported the capital's first case of H7N9, all cases had been in Shanghai and other areas of eastern China. On Sunday, officials announced the first two cases in central Henan province, which is next to Beijing.

    It's not the case that everyone confirmed to be infected with H7N9 was "clustered in one small area with the same source of exposure," said Michael O'Leary, head of WHO's office in China. "So we've been expecting new cases to occur. ... Furthermore, we still expect that there will be other cases."

    A 7-year-old girl was Beijing's first confirmed case of H7N9. Four more cases were reported Sunday in eastern Zhejiang province and two more in Jiangsu, bringing to 57 the number of people sickened from the virus. Eleven of the victims have died.

    Health officials believe the virus, which was first spotted in humans last month, is spreading through direct contact with infected fowl.

    O'Leary said "the good news" was that there was still no evidence that humans had passed on the virus to other humans.

    "As far as we know, all the cases are individually infected in a sporadic and not connected way," he said, adding that the source of infection was still being investigated.

    The girl, whose parents are in the live poultry trade, was admitted to a hospital Thursday with symptoms of fever, sore throat, coughing and headache, the Beijing Health Bureau said.

    O'Leary said early treatment can be effective, as demonstrated by the girl, who was in stable condition.

    In the only other reported cases outside of eastern China, health officials in Henan province said tests on two men Thursday had later revealed they had the virus.

    They said a 34-year-old restaurant chef who had displayed flu symptoms for about a week was in critical condition in a hospital, while a 65-year-old farmer who was in frequent contact with poultry was in stable condition after receiving treatment.

    They said 19 people who had been in close contact with the two men did not show any flu symptoms.

    China has been more open in its response to the new virus than it was a decade ago with an outbreak of SARS, when authorities were highly criticized for not releasing information.
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    Increasing H7N9 bird flu toll demands constant vigilance - Yahoo News
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    I love the time delay the media does in reporting stories like this. 24 cases and it's finally making news. And with the constant global travel, there could be so many more around. Not just people as carriers though, our goods too. Not too many people realize the germs can be on the stuff you buy as well.
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    Not to mention the WalMart door handles.
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    Ours has the automatic sliding doors at least, so don't have to worry about that here. Though I think it was the Walmart bathroom that had like 6-10 sinks but only 4 stalls...
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    Maybe some of the folks visiting Wallie World need to spend extra time at the sinks getting cleaned up before there shopping experience....biglaff
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    and also when they get back home......
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    Speaking of, simple hygiene will do more to keep people from getting sick than those stupid flu shots. I will never understand how people are unable to grasp that getting a 'vaccination' does not kill the disease/virus. You can not get sick and still be a carrier.
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    Will take my chances with the flu. Getting sick is not the end of the world. We all dislike it but it is not totally bad. It eventually builds your immune system to ward off worse things.
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    Bird Flu Isn’t Just China’s Problem Anymore - Yahoo News

    I am still not going to get the flu shot.....
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