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    Perhaps something to model your own kit by:

    Personnel Recovery and Survival Kit - Federal Business Opportunities: Opportunities

    1. Mini-Multi Tool with:
    a. Stainless Steel
    b. Pliers
    c. Wire cutter
    d. File
    e. Awl
    f. Packaged so as to not rattle in case​

    2. Button Compass

    a. Quality AA
    b. 14mm
    c. Liquid dampened
    d. Minimum 8 hour luminous​

    3. LED Squeeze Light

    a. Red
    b. Continuous or Momentary Switch​

    4. Fire Starting Kit

    a. Ferro cerium rod not to exceed 3”L x 8mm W
    b. Tinder tabs (4) packaged in reclosing bag.​

    5. Water Storage Device

    a. 2L capacity
    b. Able to hold all contents of the kit
    c. Must be sealable and reuseable
    d. Must be odor proof​

    6. Water Purification Tablets

    a. 40 tablets
    b. Packaged in amber, medical grade borosilicate​

    7. Electrolyte Tablets

    a. 2 tablets​

    8. Signal Mirror

    a. 2”x 3”
    b. Non-mirrored side covered with an IR reflective material
    c. Mirror side must be protected to prevent scratches. Protective cover must be able to be removed with one hand.
    d. Must have an aiming hole​

    9. Thermal Blanket

    a. 21” x 56” x .05mil
    b. Polyester, aluminized
    c. 1 side silver, other side orange
    d. Packaged in plastic with easy tear pre-cuts​

    10. Kevlar Line

    a. Yellow or green in color
    b. 188lb test
    c. 15 feet in length
    d. Packaged in plastic with easy tear pre-cuts​

    11. Safety Pins

    a. Two #2 (1.5” steel)
    b. Two #00 (.75” brass)
    c. Packaged in plastic with easy tear pre-cuts.​

    12. P-38 can opener

    a. Packaged so as to not rattle while in case.​

    13. Stainless Steel Wire

    a. 2’ of 20ga​

    14. Duct Tape

    a. Brown or Green in color
    b. 26” x 2”​

    15. Fresnel Magnifying Lens

    a. 4x power
    b. 3.25” x 2”​

    16. Waterproof Note Paper

    a. 4 sheets
    b. Desert tan color
    c. 3.5” x 2”​

    17. Ink Pen

    a. Pressurized ink cartridge
    b. Black in color​

    18. Broad Spectrum Antibiotic Ointment

    a. 1/32oz foil pack​

    19. Cotton Pad

    a. 100% Cotton
    b. 2” x 2.5”
    c. Packaged in plastic with easy tear pre-cuts.​

    The contents of the soft storage case will include:

    1. Hacksaw Blade

    a. Carbon Steel
    b. 24tpi
    c. 2.75” L
    d. Hole in one end for a lanyard
    e. Opposite hole end, sharpen down reverse tanto-style end.​

    2. Ceramic Razor Blade

    a. 1 or 2 sides sharpened
    b. Packaged so as to not accidentally cut anything or dull​

    3. Moleskin Adhesive Patch

    a. Heavy duty
    b. 1.75” x 2.5”​

    4. Kevlar Thread

    a. Green or yellow
    b. 100-200lb test
    c. 24” in length
    d. Packaged in plastic with easy tear pre-cuts.​

    5. Fishing Leader/Downrigger Cable

    a. Multi-strand
    b. Stainless steel
    c. 50lb test
    d. 24” in length​

    6. Suspended Navigation Magnet

    a. Identifiable north painting feature
    b. Magnet suspended from thread/string
    c. Packaged in plastic with easy tear pre-cuts.​

    7. Ferro Cerium Rod

    a. 1.75” L x .125”W​

    8. Cotton Ball

    a. Impregnated with wax.
    b. Packaged in a reclosing bag.​

    9. Bobby Pins

    a. Spring steel
    b. 2 small
    c. 1 large
    d. Black in color​

    10. Handcuff Shim (Pick)

    11. Universal Handcuff Key
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    TACSAR Monkey

    Not a bad model to work around. I guess the real survival factors are putting whatever kit you've got to use an being confident with it

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