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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Kingfish, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Kingfish

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    Well we got the New Generac set this past weekend. Monday the Propane tank came and we hooked it up and started it. Runs great!! Next is three new power panels with switch outs and Ill be ready to start building solar.

    Here are some pictures of the Generac Guardian 8k Propane generator and my double tank setup. Kingfish
    P1010001.JPG P1010002.JPG P1010003.JPG P1010004.JPG P1010005.JPG P1010006.JPG P1010007.JPG
  2. Kingfish

    Kingfish Self Reliant

    We start wiring Thursday and then move to Monday to finish it. Ill be all set and ready for solar by next wed. But before we do that I need a break. Time to get some fishing in. Ill keep this thread updated as we go along. The goal is solar working by August of 2012 or before. Its looking pretty good that we reach that goal. Kingfish
  3. hank2222

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    looking good there buddy and keep the picture's comeing
  4. hank2222

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    a question for you .Can you loop four 2000 gallon large propane tanks togerther for one unit where one tank is beening used and when it empty the other tank switchs on as need ..
  5. BTPost

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    Yes, they make both automatic and manual switching regulators for Propane, to do exactly that. I have twin 50# tanks at my beach cabin, and a Manual Twin Input Regulator, that lets me run down the first Tank and then switch to the second tank, while I take the first tank, to get refilled. Very slick operation, and they are NOT expensive. The automatic ones are a bit more than the manual ones. I run the Cookstove, Hot water, and Refer off Propane at the beach cabin, when the Genset isn't running. Works well for "Me"..... YMMV....
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  6. TnAndy

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    Here's what Bruce is referring to. The copper lines connect to two tanks, the black lever in the center can flip to either tank, when the tanks run empty, that red button in the clear plastic pops up to let you know the tank you have it flipped to is empty. Very common setup for 100lb tanks.
    dual propane regulator.
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  7. -06

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    A bud has a Generac similiar to yours. He had been using only fans(straw bale home) but last year he splurged with it so he could have AC. Real quiet unlike his little diesel standby unit. Real interested in seeing your solar setup pics and details.
  8. Nadja

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    How ya doing up there in the almost frozen north Kingfish ? Glad to hear your making what sounds like very good progress. When you start putting your solar in, why don't you document every step and post them here as a blog ? Could be very helpful for a lot of people down the road. Most of us have already set our solar, and never took pic's of it at the time.
  9. sarawolf

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    Congrats getting that set up and I hope the rest goes smoothly.
  10. Kingfish

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    I will be starting a new post when I get the wiring all done. Ill post the wiring on this post then start a new thread. But the Plan is to get a 3000 watt Outback inverter first and wire that in. Then a battery bank consisting of 8 6 volt gel mat type batteries or better If I can find better. Once the batteries and inverter are in place Ill charge off the grid for emergency backup while I build an array. In the mean time I need new appliances. Nothing but money right? ha ha ha . Kingfish
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  11. Kingfish

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    I started the new thread now on the panels. Ill be posting on that thread until its finished. KF
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  12. Kingfish

    Kingfish Self Reliant

    Today was the test day. We ran the 8000 watt Generac for 1/2 hour and ran the entire house. She stuttered a bit with the hot water heater but even ran that.

    Then I isolated the 120 panels and ran them with the 3000 watt Honda. Again no trouble at all. The slide switches worked great and were easy to set and use.''

    So in short today we finished testing and setting up our short term backup power. The next phase is to get a solar system up and running to replace the honda 3000 watt gas powered Generator. Once we have a working solar system we will be ready for long term grid loss. KF
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  13. BTPost

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    Great piece of mind, isn't it... Great stoke of business KF... Look forward to seeing the Solar Future you have planned....
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  14. Nadja

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    Mornin' Kingfish. Glad to hear it is all going as planned.
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  15. warma

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    Thanks for sharing the pictures here. I always appreciate such posts and it is even better when the posting contains pictures. If I would buy a generator I would also definitely choose a Generac. I think those are the best generators. I usually prefer generator rentals because this is the best option if you do not need a generator or an other power tool that often.
  16. Nadja

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    Lets not be so stingy with your pic's. Probably just too complicated for an old man like you though right ? LOL How cold is it up there ? We have been getting down to +6 and sure feel it.
  17. Georgia_Boy

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    KingFisher, I'd recommend you have the propane guys put a "wet leg" on one of your tanks. With the wet leg you will be able to fill smaller tanks from your large supply tank.
    I have 2-500lb tanks that share a common connection and a wet leg installed so I can fill 20lb BBQ tanks or if a neighbor needed some then I can do that. The wet leg makes your installation more flexible.....
  18. ghrit

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    EXCELLENT idea. Be aware of filling limits on the 20 pounders (or any others you might fill from your storage. Safety REQUIRES using a scale and knowing the MT and full weights.
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