New Gun law targets every semi rifle handgun and shotgun

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by pearlselby, Jan 12, 2016.

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    It will NEVER Pass... Or, they can try and take them from MY COLD DEAD HANDS.....
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    My exact feeling.
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    I have to finish building it first, else I'll need to beat them with it.
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    There's a box for every political problem.

    Soap box, ballot box, bullet box, pine box.

    We've tried the first two. It's about time to start opening the third box and measuring some politicians for the fourth.

    I watched a little-known movie yesterday called Alongside Night. I already have (and treasure) the book. The movies ends with a fellow studying the Constitution and amending the the First Amendment to read "Congress shall make no laws."

    Not a bad idea.

    I'm sure that if Congress was limited to non-binding suggestions the States would be able to choose which ones they wanted to follow quite effectively.

    They shouldn't be allowed to tax, either.
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    "amending the the First Amendment to read 'Congress shall make no laws.'"

    Yup, that and if more people who say "I don't think..." would then shut up, I would agree completely, with both.
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    My congressman actually sent me a letter in response to my concerns about this bill. He is voting no and will not support any anti gun legislation.
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    Well even if it won't pass, Obummer will just sign an Ex order (stroke of the pen, law of the land, pretty neat huh? Thanks Slick!) and there it is. If that is legal or not doesn't matter, does he have the boots on the ground to Waco a few hold outs to terrorize the rest into giving up their guns? Absolutely. Then offer cash to traitors to turn in gun owners/hold outs. Remember Soros did exactly that, sold out fellow jews for a cut of the profits and made millions, and now billions. If you are too dug in or far out, just fly over and bomb you. Don't believe that? The Mexicans often do that if it is too much trouble to root the troublemakers out. Hey, what's one village more or less? Remember Ruby Ridge? Waco? OKC? 9/11? You think history won't repeat itself?

    Besides, having or giving up GUNS isn't the problem. Any machine shop can make you anything you want, from a .22 zip gun to a Ma Duce. Look at the Afghan gun "manufactures" working with a hammer, chisel and charcoal brazer. The problem is AMMO! AMMO is NOT able to be made in a well equipped machine shop! You need heavy duty machinery designed and set up to make it and if they cut off the ammo supply, all the guns in the world are just so much scrap. Remember the English word for "gun with out ammo" is CLUB!
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    Actually you can make cases and bullets with the proper tooling and equipment. It's the primers and powder that can be an issue.
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    Was an old fiction story about a bunch of pirates in the Gulf of Mexico and in the 1950's they were still using flintlocks as they were way off grid and couldn't make primers. Lead, sulfur, saltpeter, charcoal, flint, all are found or can be made in nature, but a modern primer is very very complicated and requires specific chemistry and complex fabrication to make. Even the simple caps for muzzle loaders are complex.
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  13. chimo

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    There is only one limit to my unalienable right to keep and bear arms: I cannot use it to infringe upon the unalienable rights of others.

    Hoplophobia is not an unalienable is a mental illness.

    But here's the thing...the government can't shut down production of ammunition because the government needs ammunition. As long as the government needs ammunition, we will have a source of ammunition and the components to reload ammunition - by one means or another.
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  14. Tully Mars

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    Personally I see this coming to pass at some point in the future. I believe that many of the ones proclaiming "from my cold dead hands" the loudest will be some of the first to turn for their 30 pieces of silver, JMO.
    What are most going to do if JBT's are holding their child or loved one hostage? What if they with hold food to feed said child? Let's face it, most folks are at best living in a urban environment and haven't the means or the spiritual wherewithal to worry about it.
    For the record, I'm not implying that about anyone here. I believe that many here are the exception to the rule.

    As far as this house goes, we've had many long talks about this subject and have our personal line in the sand decided. If it is crossed then we will react accordingly...
  15. chimo

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    I still remember people proclaiming to high heaven how they would NEVER submit to registration. How many of those rushed right out to register for carry/ownership permits over the last few decades as they became more easily obtainable or newly required?
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  16. BTPost

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    Actually, NO.... The Energetic Material (Lead Styphanate) in Black Powder Caps is fairly simple to make, and the Cap cup itself can easily be punched out of Aluminum Pop Cans. There are also a variety of other easily made Energetics, that could replace the Commonly used Energetic..... Also Used Caps can easily be Reloaded, with new Initiation Powder.
  17. duane

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    Caps for a cap and ball weapon , yes, but for primers in cartridges it is a little more difficult and most or perhaps all have some form of an anvil either in the primer or the shell. Black powder and flints can be soaked in water, and when dried out will function, I don't know about lead styphanate or more likely one of the mercury compounds, but they are more complex and likely to be damaged by water. As for aluminum, before the modern electrical refining, it was more expensive than gold or at least they made the tip of the Washington monument out of it. Copper foil would likely be used as it was prior to the civil war. That said, I stock several times as many primers required for reloading than I do powder and molds rather than projectiles. My 06, muzzle loaders, 30-30 will all function with lead cast bullets and black powder. If you have a greenhouse or use hydroponics, you probably have the materials to make a few hundred pounds of some form of black powder and if not the oxidizer can be made from manure and urine, human or otherwise. The weapons that you will have function well for survival hunting, but would totally suck in a self defense situation to anyone armed with anything more than spear, and that includes a good compound bow. In several countries, Jamaica comes to mind, the legal problems with ammo are just as severe as with a firearm. If we lose our guns, or most of them, it will be gradually and like "carry permits" begin with taking a right and making it a privlege. Then less and less of us will qualify and more and more restrictions will be supplied for our own good and that of the society as a whole. They make no bones about it, their goal is to disarm us and they will use any and all means to do so. Their goal is to all be good Germans and let the state protect you from all harm. That worked really well for the Third Reich and its citizens didn't it?

    In many places, it is illegal to own a firearm that is chambered for a "state" cartridge and it is enforced, they can have their ammo and make you a criminal for having it or a firearm in that caliber but all bets are off if there is a civil war. I have never fired a Russian rocket launcher, can't own one, or its ammo, but see pictures on the boob tube of 14 year olds firing them at random into houses in the middle east and Africa.
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  18. Legion489

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    Absolutely true. Please tell me which of the following you are using, or if different, how/what/when/where.

    You can take brass/aluminum/steel rod and drill it out, turn the case body, cut the rim, resize/reform, drill primer pocket and drill primer hole and presto! New case. Time to make? Even a simple straight cased shotgun shell takes about an hour to do properly. And yes, they work fine as they are low pressure loads and not bottle necked, etc. Now let's take a .223 for your AR-15. Do all of the above (bore, cut, trim, form, drill), heat treat it properly/as well as you can, takes about an hour to a couple hours minimum after you get good at it, and lasts one shot. Anyone who thinks that is wrong, please MAKE YOUR OWN, TEST THEM and REPORT BACK as how long and how well they work. I'd love to hear. better yet, I'd love to SEE them! PLEASE, no "I don't think..." (I agree, you probably don't), "someone told me...", "I heard....", what have YOU done, how did it work for YOU. Let's get real here, not internet BS.

    A simpler way is to make case heads and use aluminum/brass/steel tubing and do the above. You will still have to make the case head, drill primer pocket/flash hole, figure out how to attach the head to the tubing, form it to final form, etc. These will last one shot in any auto. More (maybe two) in a single shot

    Or if you have a single shot, you can make wound/wrapped brass cases like the old .577 Snyder cases. You will note how long the British took to figure out how to make drawn cases after they got into a few battles with wound/wrapped cases.

    If you have sheet brass, of the proper alloy (many cases use different alloys and most of them have different thicknesses), you can punch "coins" out and then draw them five/six times (don't forget to anneal them between draws to the proper hardness each time), then trim, form, punch the primer pocket/flash hole, final anneal. Oh, by the way, go to your local very well equipped machine shop and ask they if they can even do that, the answer is "no". If YOU can do this, in a machine shop or your basement, PLEASE let me know how! Hey, write a book on it, I would LOVE to read it!

    Bullets? Swaging dies are readily available to make your own at home, they can be turned from stock (French Model "D"), cast, etc. The only way they can ban bullets is to ban pretty much all metals.

    Black powder is easy to make, the ingredients are available at any garden store and the "how to" is available in any good library or on You-tube. HOWEVER.... it is very dangerous to make and blows up readily (look at all the commercial makers and how often they blow up a factory) so it probably would be less than ideal to make at home.

    Making smokeless powder is a fairly simple process. It simply involves lots of stainless steel pipes and tubing, lots of corrosive chemicals and solvents, LOTS of fresh water, various cutters and nozzles. Like I said, the actual process is fairly easy and well understood. Getting everything set up with out killing yourself is the tough part.

    Primers are another easy/tough one. You need the proper thickness brass, punch it, form it, and add primer compound (fairly simple to make if you don't mind working with mercury, lead styphanate, ground glass, and other fun stuff that is easily available). If you want to reuse old primers, that can be done and there are lots of formulas to make primer compounds on the net (remember Kurt Saxon blew his hand off trying to make primer compound and refused to follow directions because he "knew better" than the people who do this for a living on how to do it), from match heads and cap pistol roll caps to fairly interesting recipes.

    Like I said, please tell me, or better yet, SHOW me which of the above you used, or if different, what process you use and how long it took and how it worked.
  19. mysterymet

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    You want to see some epvat reports from trial rounds? Have you ever seen an actual epvat test barrel? How about I forward some pics to Melbo and he can tell you if I am legit or not? I would not make primer material or attempt to load my own primers. Before you go off saying something cannot be done please be aware that we all have different experiences on here. Just because you may not have access to certain equipment does not mean everyone else doesn't either.
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    We have had those same talks, Sir, we have told our family members, if something bad happens, look closely at what you see. We will not be doing anything stupid.
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