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    Dang puter.
    Lost everything I had written.
    We got 6 inches of snow yesterday, most finally melted off by late afternoon yesterday.
    32 degrees again this morning.
    DH had to take our rototiller in and we just found out the shop that worked on them for decades no longer does.
    Dh tried everything he could think of to get the thing to start, just the way it goes sometimes I guess.
    He can do just about anything else but fixing small engines isn't one of them.
    We had a nice Friday and Saturday before the storms started to hit Sat. evening.
    We finished up with dh digging the six post holes for the summer kitchen on the other side of the new lean-to slash parking area. Got the tar paper and flashing on just as the cold rain hit.
    Oh and I take the pictures because I am the holder, hander, gofer, sometimes nailer.
    I tell you that wood sure is expensive these days.
    We try to do as much as we can ourselves.

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