New Madrid Faultline

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by melbo, Aug 12, 2005.

  1. melbo

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    I know it was responsible for an 8+ earthquake 150ish years ago. And that it also runs through west TN. how long is this line?
  2. phishi

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    I think it goes up into KY & down the Mississippi a ways. I do not know for sure.

    You worried about something?

  3. melbo

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  4. TLynn

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    Ah yes the Madrid faultline. Funny that I was discussing that with mom the other day. You do realize that your buildings over there on the east coast are not designed to withstand an earthquake don't you?

    But back to that faultline. As I recall it extends fairly far north and all the way down pretty much to the ocean. Doesn't totally follow the river anymore but reasonably close. Should another earthquake of that magnitude happen (and it is bound to happen because of the pressure that is building up), places like Atlanta, Georgia will be affected and well you can imagine the devastation. Not to mention what will happen to the river area itself. It will of course change just like it did the last time.

    I got interested in that particular fault line about 16-18 years ago while watching a program on PBS about plate tectonics. It was a series and while I realize they'll probably never run it again - I sure do miss it.
  5. TLynn

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    Here you go melbo some information you might like to know

    About the New Madrid

    Looks like it starts in Missouri and Illinois and ends in Arkansas (so I was definitely wrong about it ending in the ocean - hmmm well I never said my mind was all here). Crosses 5 state lines.
  6. E.L.

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    Time to pull a Davy Crockett Melbo. Just put "GTT" on your door.
  7. BRONZ

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    what..what... a fault line on the eastcoast.

    Cant be we have to many sheeple that coundn't handle it.
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