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    July 2012: An intense nationwide search is underway to find Alaska’s toughest outdoorsmen/women who will attempt to survive an expedition of epic proportions in a brand new series for The National Geographic Channel.

    This groundbreaking new docu-series will explore the heart of the Alaskan frontier. Teams will navigate some of the most hostile terrain on the planet, relying on survival skills, mental acuity, and ingenuity under pressure. These men and women will be pushed to the limits, faced with real-life situations that require physical prowess and split second decision making capabilities if they are to survive.

    “We’re looking for Alaska’s best to participate in a tough but rewarding expedition through some of the states most challenging and diverse regions”, says Brian Catalina, Executive Producer on the project. “It will be fierce, and it will be real.”

    Casting directors at Metal Flowers Media are seeking men and women between the ages of 18 – 58 with legitimate survival skills in mountain climbing, hunting/fishing, big game hunting, berries/plant identification, whitewater rafting, guiding, piloting, and general survival/backwoods experience. Candidates should currently live in Alaska and have what it takes to survive in this very real environment. To apply or for more information, please visit or email with your name, age, photo and contact information.

    This is the chance of a lifetime for the right individual.

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    To bad I am not 30-40 years younger, or I would apply....... as I had all of those skillsets, back in that day.....
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    I have to hand it to anybody who participates in these shows, because they are often times inserted into a remote environment with minimal tools and materials and a group of people to drive you nuts. The goals set by the producers may be unrealistic or just a major pain. I couldn't handle the group -no way, no how. It would definitely be fun to watch as long as there isn't too much drama.

    A similar show on the same topic for reference:

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    I look forward to the alpha male cutting the throats of the lesser males and taking the females. Oh wait that would be real life.
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