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    Written by a friend of mine:

    "Friends --

    I am happy to announce that my new ebook --

    iPermie: How to permaculture your urban lifestyle

    is now available, complete with 14 sections, 248 chapters, and 399,000 words.
    (For reference, War and Peace is 565,000 words.)

    iPermie will empower you by giving you the strategies, tools, and techniques
    you need to navigate the cardinal threats of peak oil, climate instability,
    economic irrationality, and political criminality.

    iPermie is an almanac of useful information and permaculture self study guide.
    iPermie provides best practices, reskilling suggestions and information, and
    experience with permaculture design.

    iPermie is a good-life design guide for Millennials, Boomers, and Generation X
    that can help each generation meet its unique challenges.

    You can see the annotated table of contents (with section and chapter
    summaries), together with a generous sample of the book at . Links to all the online stores where it is available
    are on that page.

    The price is $1.99 at all of the online outlets where it is for sale.

    Order directly from me, with an instant download (pay via PayPal) at .
    This version is a pdf, landscape orientation, 3 columns.

    Smashwords ebook superstore
    epub, mobi, pdf portrait one column per page, plain text, Sony readers

    Amazon Kindle store for the various Kindle devices at

    Kobo devices:\

    Versent ebook Superstore (Android devices, iPad, iPod, Adobe ebook, Nook)

    Coming soon to Barnes and Noble and the Apple I Store.

    Bob Waldrop, Oklahoma City"
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