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    I concur with the range card practice, but I would also encourage you to walk your property and public areas around your property to get a lay of the land. It will help you find potential weak spots in your perimeter, E&E rally points, cache spots, game trails, etc... , plus it can help you spot potential criminal activity in your area.

    At two different places I've lived, I have found illegal activity just inside the treeline on my property. One was a meth cooking camp that the local sheriff department reluctantly cleaned up after I notified them (they didn't want to pay for cleanup, but the local news asked about their efforts in evidence collection). The other was an old shack that was a haven for teens drinking or smoking weed, but it morphed into a stash place for stolen tools from local farms. Technically it was not on my property, but I tore it down any way and hauled off the sheet metal after I returned the tool to my neighbors.
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