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    Ooooooooo just got a cool THREAD IDEA... Was thinkin' of callin' it :

    "D.I.Y. Homemade Beverages & Medicinal Teas"

    Everyone can add their personal favs. to the list and we can compile a permanent listing of GREAT ALTERNATIVES for folk to try instead of continuing to make "big business" more and more powerful! (<-- those are the jackasses who make sure the small guys/farmers are OVER-REGULATED TO DEATH ya know.... so we can't compete/take away from their profits!!! ) :mad:[soap] But anyway....

    Over here, if it isn't our delicious well water, or high quality RAW MILK from our naturally raised/pastured livestock.... we pretty much won't drink it.That is, unless it's something HOMEMADE. I don't think many realize how much CR*P is in modern processed foods (hormones, synthetics, preservatives & so on...), and that's why everyone is so sick, with a multitude of disorders/diseases, and dying from CANCER!?!?! NO THANKS, over here... as we strive to be more "old fashioned". Just my thoughts....

    But anyway, I guess I'll get going and start that darn THREAD! he,he


    P.S.-BTW, do you know what is PROCESSED STOREBOUGHTEN FOODS? Prepare to be SCARED!!!! Ya know those herbs & spices which you buy in those little containers? Did ya know that they put silicone in there for "anti-clumping!!!" Hhhmmm, SILICONE sounds delicious doesn't it... now don't you wonder what that does to YOUR BODY?!!! I've got an incredible "REAL-LIST" of horrifying ingredients which they put into. mass produced foods. When I have some more "free-time" I shall put it all together to share with those who want to better themselves & their family,in hopes of inspiring folk for the better... :)
    This is TOTALLY ON THE SUBJECT OF SURVIVAL... 'cause if you are "UNHEALTHY" you are gonna be in some serious trouble for sure. People need to eat healthier, boost their immune systems/make themselves HARDIER.... as MODERN MAN isn't doing very well. That is "unless you just don't care" which is ok too (<-- I do believe in freedom to make our own choices). For those who fit that description "PLEASE DISREGARD" LOL[kneelsuckers]

    Other than that, I have gotta get goin'... bye for now...
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