New Water Filter Being Tested by the USMC

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    The Marine Corps Warfighting Lab is refining a midsized purification system that a Marine can set up to provide drinking water for a company of troops.

    The Small Unit Water Purification System weighs just 80 pounds but can supply enough water per day to support the basic drinking needs of 250 Marines operating in an arid or tropical environment, according to officials at the lab in Quantico, Va. That is about 750 gallons of desalinated, decontaminated water every 24 hours.

    It is undergoing an evaluation with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit, currently in Jordan for the multinational exercise Eager Lion 12. A few of the purification systems also are set for delivery to Marines in Afghanistan as part of a trial to help determine development of system requirements.

    The Small Unit Water Purification System is much smaller than the 2,085-pound Lightweight Water Purification System, which today supplies companies with potable water for drinking and other uses.

    The system is designed so that any Marine can set up and operate it. It uses several methods to purify water, including reverse osmosis, ultraviolet light, and carbon and sediment filters that disinfect and remove particulates.

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    Yeah this is cool, does anyone think they will release to the public? But even if they did it would be pretty expensive I bet.
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    If history repeats, just give it time and the technology will go down in price.
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