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    Folks might think that this post is of the "tin-foil hat" variety. The mods are certainly welcome to move it if they so choose, but I believe it belongs here.

    Although I'm certainly not an intelligence expert, I've been watching things on various intelligence sites for years. I've seen things unfolding over the past two weeks which taken together are quite disturbing, so I sent the following e-mail to a friend of mine I'll call "Jerry" in Israel:

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    From: Jonas Parker
    To: "Jerry"
    Sent: Friday, September 07, 2007 9:55 PM
    Subject: what in heck is going on

    I've been watching the intel sites for years. Within the past 30 days things have been getting interesting. But as of now, all the jihadi websites are down, and rumors are flying. What's happening over there? Please let me know!
    Jonas Parker

    I received the following reply:

    Most of us are bracing for a terrible war.
    Shabbat Shalom, "Jerry"
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    It's kind of refreshing to see Olmert finally show that he "has a pair", since I doubt very seriously if our president or the United Nations was "consulted" before the most recent pre-emptive strike in Syria!

    By the way, that idiot Dennis Kucinich, in having taken it upon himself to go to Syria and "schmooze" while bad-mouthing the USA certainly put Israel in a much tighter situation! You know DARN well that UN/IAEA won't send inspectors into Syria to verify that Israel was "justified" for the strike, so it's going to make Israel look like a "bully"!

    By the way, the "Jihadi" web sites aren't down right now, as far as I know!
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    Hopefully, the first act of the new Attorney General after he's sworn in will be to hit Congressman Kucinich squarely between the eyes with the Logan Act...
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