no exrtas at the cabin when living there full time

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  1. hank2222

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    I have thought long and hard about putting any extras like cable tv or sat tv and internet to the place.I do have tv & dvd player in the place to watch dvd's movies & tv series when i want to that i have stored there .

    part of the reason is the power need's for my place.
  2. Gafarmboy

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    What are you really missing by NOT having these so-called extras? Not much.

  3. Opinionated

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    I assume you have some other way of staying up on current events . . ?

    Ooops. Forget it - sorry - I just saw your appliances post.
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  4. Nadja

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    You are missing on OGreat one every 15 minutes on the tube. LOL
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  5. dragonfly

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    Yeah, everytime I feel a tad bit constipated, I just turn on the news!
    Works on me Like a dose of ex-lax, every time!
    Just don't try watching or listening to any of it while eating, or for that matter before or immediately after a meal!
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