Non-Denominational Christian Intentional Community Forming

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    Got about 4 other families or couples ready to go, Looking at property in Arkansas mountains.
    Look to buy in equal share on around 40 acres, you will also be required to build your own home, you will have to supply the materials, looking for low impact discreet dwellings not 2 story energy sucking million dollar homes, labor will be a community effort, all participants will be expected to help everyone else until all Homes and structures are built, you'll need, depending on how many people we can get together, between $5-10k for the land. The more people the less for the land, the more for building materials.
    We will do this through a non-profit status org. with all involved as board members.
    Democratic simple majority for small stuff, Supermajority for the big decisions. this is not an Uncle Sam type Community Model, its not a welfare system. All members including children old enough will have to work 20 hours a week doing something toward the betterment of the whole Building large communal septic system, farming, livestock care, power system grid maintenance,( off grid) alternative energy, solar, wind, Water, turbine, etc. etc. there's a lot to do.
    As we progress forward we will be having online town hall meetings to work out the bugs and get to know each other face to face.
    If you are Not A Christian, you will not like it here. The Lord will be a part of our daily lives.
    We don't need too many more to make this work. Once we are up and running we intend to build an additional dwelling and new people will be able to lease for a year, as a probationary period for $3,600. This money will be allocated to building common facilities, maintenance projects, needed farming equip. Nothing is etched in stone yet we are still working out the bugs. Meeting will start as soon as we have enough to buy the land and a firm commitment from all parties concerned.
    At the end of that year there will be a vote and if the party is approved, they will be able to buy in to the land and either purchase the dwelling or build there own. and the process will begin again.
    If your serious let me know. My wife and I are looking to March 2014 this will allow time for cultivation and provide a lot of time to get established before we have to rough it through winter.
    We will put a cap at 10 families.
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