Nov. '14 gathering at the range

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    Had some scheduling conflicts so we moved the gathering to 7-8-9 Nov. Back at 4-H Camp Millstone and camping by the lake again. We had emergency 1st Aid/trauma class by a Green Beret, rabbit harvesting, and several great circle mtgs plus plenty of time at the ranges. Will have more this fall. Weather will be chilly so the campfire will be wonderful. Hope to go over earlier and harvest a deer for us to practice on. We had two wild pigs last fall that yielded some fine "vittles". If you want a particular subject covered please let us know asap so we can secure a knowledgeable instructor. Cost is minimal. Think the camp cost is $4 per person for camp usage and if you want a cabin it is $20 nightly. The cabins are very nice with plenty of hot water, nice bunks, and good heat/cool. If you remember the old ones you can really appreciate the remodeled ones--LOL. Make your plans and PM if you like.
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    It sounds very promising, and well planned. Best wishes go with you and the participants...pity I'm so far away...It'd be nice to catch up with other monkeys.
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    Thanks Chel, secure a location and have one in your area. Family and I went to one at a deer camp near Augusta, SC about 15 yrs ago and loved it. Came back and decided to have them more local so we rented the 4-H camp. Used to use the dining hall/kitchen/rec hall but it got too expensive. Now we just camp by the lake and enjoy it better. Closer to the ranges and more like bugging out--which is the secondary reason for the weekends. We did a "bug out" to Florida in Ocala national park with a bunch of other "nuts". Had a great time and learned a lot. This fall we already have a water purification, foraging, and knife sharpening "class" scheduled. Think I like the BS circles around the campfire the best. Conversations really get interesting at times. Am setting up our farm so we can have the gatherings w/o any costs next year. Hopefully we can keep it "off grid".
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