Now that I have one in my hands....

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    I used to have a banner on my main site for the Sidewinder Crank Cellphone Charger,

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I was set up to get a $1 or so for each one sold through that banner...

    I had never seen one so after about 6 months, I took it down.
    Today I was sent one to try out and I am pretty impressed.
    Pretty well made for $19.95...

    Had a dead battery and was cranking while talking to phishi..
    (He thought I was grinding coffee) lol...

    Anyway. It comes with 5 tips, 2 cords and has a very bright LED light.
    they also make a prety cool set up that uses a USB port on a laptop to charge a phone.
    I a USB cable for a headset once and loved it. (Laptop sits next to me in the Truck)

    Now that I have one. I'll endorse it fully! and prolly put that banner back.
    If you are interested, You can click the banner to get the details.


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    You should be able to go to Radioshacks web site to check it out, but what I have for that IMO is also a real good option. I have the Dynamo radio. It cost me about $60 but it also comes with the various tips for charging the different cell phones and has a bright LED light but then it also has a red LED strobe, a siren, NOAA radio band, AM/FM radio band, VHF and UHF TV bands (audio only) and can be run on 4 (IIRC) AAA batteries, a rechargable battery like in most cordless phones which recharges from the crank on the side, with no batteries at all while being cranked or by an AC cord purchased seperat which also charges the rechargable battery while its pluged in. Comes with a carrying case, measures about 6"x6"x 1 1/2" or so and weighs about 1-1 1/2 pounds. It stays with my BOB in the truck and I like it a lot.
    The one you showed there is pretty cool for what it dose as well for the price, I just like the other better for the added features, especialy the weather radio.
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