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    I found a site that y'all might find a fun diversion to fend off cabin fever

    NUKEMAP by Alex Wellerstein

    Some things I found out from 5 minutes of play using Cincinnati as a target: Unless they miss, or drop a very small bomb, my best move is to fill my pockets with grape jelly ( cuz I'm toast). I also better hope the wind ain't blowing from the NorthWest the day Cincinnati goes up in a bloody cinder, otherwise my bug-out location is going to setting off Geiger counters for the next millenium.

    Back when Ronnie RayGun was president, I had a buddy who went to work for the Rand Corporation doing alternate targeting scenarios for a thinktank. The idea was this: let's say Moscow goes up in the first wave, where do you send the second wave missles that were targetted for Moscow? After he left that gig, he left Cincinnati and moved to Portsmouth, OH. I can see why.
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    Nowhere near a major city, with good reason. Interesting website, thanks for the link.
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    I found the downwind fallout detail interesting and played with it for a while. It must incorporate the prevailing winds by region, for the modeling of the blast fallout. Since I am in a metro type region we have probably 8 to 10 primary targets, so I used them to see how that affected my area.
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    If NK, Pakistan or the Tangoes nuke my town, I survive. Big shopping and eatery section NE of town gets nailed. Prevailing winds in that direction, while I am west of town, well outside 10KT blast area.
    If China nukes us, I am toast, with most of the entire county.
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    Interesting map... Seem to be relatively safe where I live, even from fallout.
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    15 miles from the back gate of the little known outpost of FT Hood..................should be fine here.....:oops: oh:censored:
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