Obama’s Army Manual: It’s Cool To Shoot Peaceful Protesters

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    Obama’s Army Manual: It’s Cool To Shoot Peaceful Protesters
    Obama’s Army Manual: It’s Cool To Shoot Peaceful Protesters

    Posted on August 19, 2014 by horse237

    I am a Constitutional lawyer. Barack Obama 2008

    What Obama didn’t say was that he had a part-time job at night school teaching law to George W Bush’s Department of Justice staff. You know. The guys who said kidnap and torture of children was OK. Anonymous Wag 2014

    Seriously, the United States Army released a new Army manual: U.S. Army Techniques Publication 3-39.33: Civil Disturbances. It was originally published April 21, 2014 but was not released publicly until now. It might have been made public as part of an intimidation tactic to prevent people from attending protests. There is more Security Theater than anything else in Washington.

    ATP 3-39.33 allows field commanders to use their discretion to decide if they need to use snipers to kill peaceful protesters. It has a picture of a man front and back with arrows pointing at places where the proper blow or bullet can just hurt the protester or maybe maim him or kill him. I use the word him because the person they depict is a male. (see below.) To avoid criticism from certain people the Army uses no nudity in these photos...................

    ATP 3-39.33 looks like a GOOD TRAINING AID.
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    Shoot peace full tea party protesters, allow black lies matter protesters to burn down a city.
    Got it.
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