Off-grid and unlicensed communication

Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by Pineknot, Jul 1, 2014.

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    Suppression of Radio Comms would be a "Fools Errand" in that there are NOT enough Teams in the whole Federal .Gov, who can actually do that kind of Emission Hunting, to even begin to cover the Major Cities, let alone all the Suburbs, and Countryside. There are way to many Radios out in the population, to even consider rounding them up, and way to many folks who would consider that a Trigger Point, and resist forcibly. NO, suppression just will never work... They might pass a Law, and they might enforce it in the cities where they have a Mass of Enforcers, but out in the suburbs, and county side, Never going to happen..... Good way to get your enforcers, DEAD... Shot thru their Blue Helmets, at 500+ Yds, from cover....
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    I see a parallel there with arms ---
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    No, no, no, guns are evil !! But free speech is for everyone!!!![sarc1]
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    high powered, amplified cb radio, MAN!! they got a law for everything, guess it aint gonna matter from the country
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  5. BTPost

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    Unless your neighbors, turn you in for messing with their TV, and Radio Reception.......
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    My Dad used to keep pigeons back when I was a kid.
    Might be a good hobby to take up.

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    Slow, subject to predation but secure. [tongue]
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    It always gives me a chuckle when I hear someone saying that they are not going to get their Ham license because they are scared that this will make the government take notice of them.
    And they become members of survival forums like this one using their home internet IP address to access these sites.
    The government has bigger fish to fry than any of us little sardines.
    I suggest to everyone to become a ham and get a 2 meter radio, it will open up a whole new world that you did not even know existed.
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  10. Brokor

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    It's not about being "scared", for me it's a matter of principle. If the "government" required me to apply for a license to use the Internet, I would not use the Internet. If you apply to acquire a license to use a HAM radio, you are entering a contract and accepting a privilege. We all should know privileges CAN be revoked, and come with certain obligations. A right cannot be revoked, nor assigned. As a non-licensed, non-transmitting HAM owner, I have surrendered zero rights. However, getting involved and being licensed does have its benefits, but that's the catch. I choose not to comply, like any red blooded patriot. Your mileage may vary.
  11. BTPost

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    My issue with @Brokor 's above Post is: Where did HE get the Idea, that transmitting an RF Emission into the ether, is a "Right", when before he was born, It was determined, by "Our Societies Representatives, that doing so was "A Privilege" and in the "PUBLIC Interest" Said Privilege would be Licensed, by Said Society, just as Drivers of Motor Driven Vehicles, must be Licensed, to operate, said Motor Vehicle, in Our Society, as it is ALSO a Privilege. It can't come from Free Speech, as he can stand on a soapBox and speak freely, all he wants, as that only carries as far as his voice. Where RF Emissions can carry around the Planet, and therefore must be Regulated, to keep from being a detriment, to others opportunities for the USE of the same Privilege. His "Rights" Stop at the point, where they Interfere with another Person's same "Rights"....
    He has given up NO "Rights" at all, He has just chosen, to not accept the opportunity to excersize this particular "Privilege" for himself.
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  12. Brokor

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    lol, no.

    It is a RIGHT to freely travel. It is a PRIVILEGE to "drive".
    It is a RIGHT to freely communicate. It is a PRIVILEGE to "broadcast".

    Whenever we come to a point where a question of the validity of rights is a concern, we must first ask, "who owns the property?" It is with property ownership in America where all rights can be exercised, and my body is the highest form of property. Nobody else owns my body. If I buy land, and hold the title (not the certificate of title), then I own the land, not the State. Therefore, I should not be compelled to pay taxes on land that I already own. Paying taxes on land is just rent payed to the actual owner, the State. If you would like actual fact in law and all cited references on what I have just brought up, I can provide you with what you will need.

    Our rights are not derived from the Constitution. Just because the HAM radio crowd wasn't explicitly included, does not mean it violates freedom of speech any less when a private corporation ("The United States") issues a license and requires your compliance in exchange for not being hunted down like a rabid animal should you choose to live free and abide by no public policy ordained by tyrants. If you choose to live your life under the guise of freedom and herald yourself as a confident, upstanding and successful being while supporting the despotic rule of oligarchic tyranny, then that's your call. Just don't expect somebody such as myself, who is well versed in actual law as well as colorable ordinances and statues to fall in line. I will NOT comply!

    Nobody owns the air, least of all the air above my head, above my land, and beneath our God.
  13. BTPost

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    You invalidate your own arguments with the following Quote:

    It is your "claimed right" to communicate, which I agree....
    It is a "PRIVILEGE to "broadcast" which I also agree....

    When one uses RF Emissions to communicate, one is " Broadcasting" and
    as you state, THAT IS A "PRIVILEGE".... One that you chose to not indulge in....
    I am so glad that you agree......
  14. Brokor

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    Sigh. Why do I even try sometimes?
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  15. Yard Dart

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    If one were to broadcast, then one would need to be applicably licensed in this current verse's state of laws (channeling Riddick)....
    If one wants to own equipment and monitor but not broadcast, then that is legal. As the equipment is not licensed for the normal person, just the operator is if broadcasting. Now post SHTF where we are in a fight for survival, liberty or any other means that says the constitution has been vacated by "others such as tyranny type scenarios", then all gloves are off as the laws providing HAM usage are also null and void.... IMO
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  16. Yard Dart

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    If this was a response to my earlier post, I never said anyone was "scared". Just cognizant of the issue of being registered. I never said that I or others with that opinion were, or were not "licensed" under the current rules. I was purly bringing up the fact that this means, like guns, preserves our right to defend ourselves, via free speach on the airwaves.... and hence under the guise of tyranny, would be another area that the PTB would want to shut down. Being on a licensced operator list in my book is no different than being on a registered gun owner list in that context.... being scared of the issue is for weaker folks, though I am glad I could make you chuckle.... aware is a better term my fellow monkey....
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  17. Brokor

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    I am willing to bet that even when the SHTF, we will still have "officially licensed" do-gooders out there policing the airwaves. The entire economic and societal structure could be GONE, mayhem in the streets, gestapo units closing in, and these guys, these brown shirts will be broadcasting, "Please state your call sign, or cease broadcasting at once! I am WZ992A, the hall monitor, and I demand you state your slave number for identification purposes!"

    Not all HAM's will be like that. Just the ones who are completely sold to the system.
  18. Yard Dart

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    And that will be a sad day, indeed!!! [angelsad]
    Hope for their safety they are living deep in a hole somewhere... where at some point their antenna lead will be cut at the surface... shutting down their spewing of rules and old code..... Brown shirt reference makes me laugh - ha.
    Edit- not so much as that is exactly what is going to happen... initially
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  19. ghrit

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    The analogy, poor tho' it may be, is to consider your right to swing your fist. That right stops just short of my nose and interfere with my breathing. Your privilege to "broadcast" stops just short of my privilege of transmiting and interfering with my privilege to talk on the air. Similarly, your right to travel, using the privilege of a car must not interfere with my privilege of driving. Just another regulation of privilege, not an infringement of a right. (For this discussion, we don't need to hear how the corporation is controlling privileges.)
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  20. Brokor

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    A free and sovereign citizen does not have privileges if they choose not to enter into a contract with the issuing party.

    A right is irrevocable.

    I was not arguing to begin with. I simply stated facts. If anything is a "privilege", it is by default an agreement between the issuing party and the user. Now, explain to me how a government created by the People, could possibly become the issuer of privilege to one who is already sovereign? You see, there are many things that folks today just do not understand. The government was tied down securely with the Constitution, which is a delegation of authority issued by the People to the servant government. Any rights of the People and the States are reserved and enshrined by the Tenth Amendment, but we do not derive our rights from the Constitution. We created government. The federal government by default cannot legally or morally become a sovereign authority. Therefore, all this talk about licensing is arbitrary.

    It would almost be akin to an early 19th century black slave issuing a license for his plantation owner to operate his horse cart or licensing him to travel. It would be the same for that slave to tax the land owner and then hire his henchmen to come and murder the land owner for not paying the tax. Government is not a "slave" to We, the People, but it is supposed to be our servant and only protect and defend our borders in cases where we could not defend ourselves. It has grown into a massive tyrannous cancer, and attempting to legitimize its function is ridiculous. The founders could not imagine telecommunications and global networks. They were, however, quite versed in tyranny and the many abuses of power within the institution of government. This is why the Constitution stands as a guide, and anything which exists in direct contradiction to it is null and void as law. The founders would roll over in their graves at the thought of a government issuing licenses and privileges to free men.
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