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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by AllTrades, Jun 21, 2015.

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    I paying an arm and a leg to have internet through the Verizon network where I am. There is a satellite company here that is about the same price but the speeds are slower. It seems like off grid internet access is $100-$140 a month (and up) for just basic access.
    Does anybody have a better internet solution with something that is under $100 a month?
  2. BTPost

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    I have been on SAT Based IP for over a decade.... Way faster than Dialup, but also very much more expensive. I have two SAT Links, one on a 1.2 meter Dish and one on a 3 meter Dish. Both with SpaceNet. ( Starband). They cost me $119US, each, per month. That buys me 5GB of download, and 1.2GB of upload, a week on a Rotating Daily Basis, per Link. Link Speeds are in the neighborhood of 1.5 Gb/ Sec or about a T1 Datastream, however that is the Max, and I find that average is somewhat LESS than that, and can drop significantly at time when lots of other users are all online at once. Monday mornings are slow, and the speed slowly picks up as the week progresses. Saturday afternoons can slow to a crawl, and Christmas, and holidays are usually a bust.
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    You might want to check out Hughes net. We pay 69.99 for 20gigs. However as with most things there is the fine print. 10gigs 2am to 8am and 10gids 8am to 2am. Works very well for web searching, faxing, general communication and fare for y-tube.
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    Off Grid Internet.... somewhat of a conflict in terms, isn't it?
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    That is 20 Gigs is per month, right? I get my 5 Gigs per week, and that makes 20 Gigs per month and They do NOT charge Data, downloaded between MidNight and 8Am Eastern, that against that Total Data Usage. Looks to be about a wash. between the two Systems, for Price of Bandwidth....
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    Look to see if anyone is offering a wireless based local IP service. I am putting up a 60 tower to get over the trees and can then get line of sight to three services ranging from 2 to 8 miles away with a directional antenna. The best is a mom and pop service that is $40/month, throttled to 1 meg baud but unlimited quantity.

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    How I wish there was something like that out here, but I am just "To Far Out" for that.....
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    LTE cell if you are in range,
    Otherwise - go dialup and buy a co-lo box to VPN into.
    I wouldn't be comfortable with less than 400gb of data.
    $100-$140/month is faith "enough" for 400-500gb.
    It's all a scam anyway...the incremental cost of trasmitting 1gb of data anywhere in the world is LESS than $0.10 once the infrastructure is in place.
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    Have been struggling with this same question for a few year's. Every since I was "done a favor" and had by broad band card upgraded and I lost the grandfathered unlimited download agreement..
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    Your ISP (just like mine) is trying to create "artificial scarcity" so they can leverage the bandwith "commodity".
    If the public only knew that the ENTIRE "internet" resides on approximately 2 old high def television channels worth of spectrum they might get kinda POd. (yes 2 HD analog channels).
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    Just another precieved necessity to pull off more of our FRN's.. Most people live and work from payday to payday, as such, they are focused on making more FRN to pay the bill's. They do not pay attention that the county is rewrighting all the land regulation codes in such a way that one will no longer be able to keep small live stock on their country property.. Keep them all struggling for those "need's" and they will be to distracted to see the truth..

    Now, Now, I understand that visiting my fellow monkey's IS a necessity.. It serves a valuable function in educating and enlightening, and a special thank you to @Brokor For:
    SLAVERY by CONSENT: How Sovereignty Was Lost - & What To Do

    Some people have been aware that there is something amiss in our "land of the free" for a long time.. They have been able to search out the truth, and more importently, provide the citing for all to varify their research..

    The Internet is adistraction, a threat or a source of enlightenment. It is all a matter of perspective..
    This is, of course, just my most humble opinion..
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    we're on line of sight microwave
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    That works well, in FlatLands.... but not so well in a fjord, like I live in.... Where town is 60Miles away, over three Mountain Ranges.... My Microwave goes to a Geosynchronous SAT, that just happens to be a couple of Degrees above the Mountains.... I was in luck on that deal...
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    Luck beats careful planning, most of the time. (That said, planning often ensures luck.)
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