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  1. TNZ71


    I saw good show on Discovery Home Channel, "OFF THE GRID" with Les Stroud. Has anyone else seen this and was there just one episode? The channel guide gave 1999 as release date and it only aired on April 4th.
  2. sheen_estevez

    sheen_estevez Monkey+++

    you can still find it on the Net, do a search for it on Google Video. The show was OK but I would like to see it now a year of two after to see how it's going, he was going to generate all his own power, combo solar & wind, rain collection etc.

    I think the one thing that he hits on is not only the expense of doing a project like this but also making sure you have people who know what they are doing. You want to make sure things are right before you have to rely on them.
  3. MbRodge

    MbRodge Monkey+++

    Yup, really enjoyed the first episode but haven't seen anything further.
  4. MTdriver

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    Ya, I ran across the link to this video on another forum and watched it in its entirety. GREAT reality-style show for those wishing to take a stab at the whole off-grid lifestyle. I think he and the wife are gonna do just fine with the whole thing, his kids though will probably be a whole other battle. I commend them big-time! The part I'm most interested in is the $$$$....let's hear much!!?
  5. badkarma

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    i saw it, it's on You Tube. I thought it was pretty good.
  6. MbRodge

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    I was lead to believe that there was more than one episode, is this not the case?
  7. Hispeedal2

    Hispeedal2 Nay Sayer

    I am watching it on YouTube right now- pretty interesting
  8. CBMS

    CBMS Looking for a safe place

    It was a one shot special.
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