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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by azrancher, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. azrancher

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    Have any of you used their Saving Catcher program?
    Did you realize that the barcode box at the bottom ties you back into their corporate database?
    Probably with your Name and CC info...
    Unless you paid with cash, you are linked to every survival item that you have purchased.

    Trace your roots, send us your DNA. who are they sharing that info with, perhaps a 3 letter agency?

    OK I don't have enough tinfoil for everyone, but I will send you a PDF of a cutout of my tinfoil hat.

    I don't always drink beer, but when I do, it's beer that I brewed.

  2. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

    Cash for prep's....vital for remaining discreet!!

    Interesting question on the Ancestry data.... glad I don't have an account. ;)
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  3. saltbush

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    Interesting info on Wallyworld, AZRancher! Thanks! As to the DNA, I've always had the suspicion that 'they,' whoever they be, are looking for those who survived the plagues in Europe, so they can come up with something that has a little more punch. :) To take the optimistic approach, since those survivors are the same ones who invented modern civilization and everything in it, perhaps some of 'them' with a more advanced view hope to single them out for saving. We could ask Baxter, but how much plain speaking can we expect from vaccine-pushers with a bad reputation already?
    I've read ......somewhere, recently, that cash is getting more difficult to get and to use in daily business dealings. I'll find where I got that and come back with a link. It was something about certain major store chains making a note of it if a customer uses a store card to get the discounts and pays with cash, kind of creepy.
  4. Motomom34

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    It seems almost impossible not to be stalked by corporations. I realized the other month that my grocer saving card was tracking my purchases. In order to receive the sale price, you have to have a savers card. It makes me angry that our privacy is invaded at every turn.
  5. It seems that you can't do anything nowadays without being tracked one way or another. And PDF files are old school, I need a youtube video with full instructions :D
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  6. azrancher

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    Send me $29.99 and I will send you a tin foil hat, But I need your size, this is not one size fits all, these are custom.

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  7. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

    Just as a side note.... I would request references.... AZ can get crazy from the heat down yonder. ;)
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  8. saltbush

    saltbush Monkey

    I wouldn't be the least surprised to discover that such data is being shared, even sold. It gave me a real turn almost 20 years ago, when a checker called me by my name, thanking me for shopping at Safeway, when I was paying in cash - and had beer, wine and tobacco in my cart. I bet insurance companies look for that kind of information so they can raise your medical insurance rates - or put you on an extermination list, what with nanny state attitudes these days.

    The easy answer is that advertisers want to telemarket and spam us but it just has to be more than that. We're being profiled by any number of agencies and it's anybody's guess what their conclusions might be or what type of info they like best to get. I have two personal reasons for thinking so: an aunt of mine got put on a mild tranquilizer by her doctor, just for a short time, right after her husband died. A few months later, her health insurance policy was suddenly cancelled, because 'they didn't cover mental illness treatments,' and they said it was because of her being on that prescription and they even had the dates right. WTF?! My aunt never knew how they even got the information about a prescription written by her personal physician, that she paid for out of pocket and this was at least 20 years ago. Answer: the 'business offices' with or without the doctor's knowledge, are sharing (selling) any personal info they get on you to lots of different buyers.

    Then there was a friend of mine in Flagstaff, clean driving record, who in a weak moment, while visiting a doctor for a stomach problem, told him that he used to drink too much on the weekends but didn't anymore, when the doctor asked him a lot of questions about his personal habits. My friend wasn't even really serious. Next thing he knew, DMV suspended his license and he had to go to no end of trouble and expense to get it back - because the doctor reported him to the DMV, that promptly and without any legal cause or evidence past or present suspended his license! So much for medical confidentiality, HIPAA and all that. That too, was about 20 years ago. Everybody we're supposed to trust with information is sharing everything they get with everybody and nobody cares about legal restrictions on them doing that, unless or until one can hire a very high-priced attorney and file suit, with proof of damages, which few young working people can manage. Add in any mention of a 'vice,' like alcohol, even legal prescriptions, and here comes nanny state to put you in the stocks so most people are reluctant to start a fuss over it. Those gossip-mongers are plainly breaking the law but their victims are so afraid of letting it be known they drank a glass of wine at dinner, they won't try to defend themselves. And we thought Prohibition was a bad era?

    Did you buy doughnuts with your store card? How much sugar do you buy each shopping trip, outside of the holiday season when everybody buys more than usual? How much red meat? Fried food at the deli counter? Doritos? They know that wasn't just a birthday cake you bought; you got a full size Boston Cream Pie, didn't you? Watch it! You're on a heart disease, diabetes or obesity list. Straight to the camps with you! We knew that was next, didn't we? If a fool of a NYC mayor can ban large-size soda pops, anything is possible. I suppose you could buy six small ones, but the clerk might report you to the police for that.
  9. azrancher

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    Hey, I resemble that remark, after all I am a survivalist.

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  10. Brokor

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    It's not to simply track you --you're not that important. Mostly, this is all about maximizing profits and making more money from commercialism in this disposable society. Everything you are and especially do can be considered an asset. It is interesting to note that even though much of this information on where you go and what you buy does end up at a fusion center accessed by NSA systems, the goal is primarily to create an increasingly powerful artificial intelligence program for the surveillance state. It is true that you can be tracked and monitored, but this feature only comes into play once you have been designated a target, for whatever reason. The average Joe and Sue Smith shopping for prepping items simply do not qualify, unless they are suddenly flagged as hostile with intent to do harm (to the police state empire) --and even then it will take live people to queue it up and give orders. One day, probably not far from now, the AI system will automatically designate who is a potential threat automatically. We can already surmise that the system will cancel all debit and credit cards, issue a warrant for arrest, notify local police and Federal authorities, if necessary, and it could even run a profile on you based on years and years of habitual actions. And if you think the paying by cash method is fool-proof, think again. All you ever had to do was pay one time with your card and you have been tagged. The AI system can spot you, even with a disguise based on your height and key facial features, the way you walk, talk, and move, and facial recognition is progressing by leaps and bounds. The moment you walk into a store, you are identified. Again, this is not meant to track you alone, you're not that special. This is all a means to create an autonomous AI surveillance grid to increase the capabilities of the militarized police state...while at the same time provide a lot of income for the corporations.
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