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    I'm just ranting here and looking for non-existent things...
    SHTF??? No way! Won't happen...EVER!

    January 12th
    earthquake mag 7.0 in Haiti causes 200,000 victims, 3 million people affected.
    February 27th
    earthquake mag 8.8 hit Chile and South Pacific.
    April 14th
    earthquake mag 6.9 causes 3000 victims in Qinghai, China.
    April 14th, eruption of Iceland volcano Eyjafjallajökull created an ash cloud that led to the closure of most of Europe's IFR airspace from 15-20 April creating the highest level of air travel disruption since WW II.
    April 20th
    Gulf of Mexico: Deepwater Horizon Case. giant oil spill is biggest environmental disaster ever seen in history.
    July 16th
    explosion of oil storage depot in Dalian, China, one of the most serious environmental accidents, 60-90.000 tons of crude oil spilled into the sea.
    July 21th
    cold wave in Latin America leaves 225 people dead and thousands of people affected
    July 30th
    worst wave of bad weather for 80 years causes 1,500 deaths and 13 million refugees in Pakistan.
    August 1-10th
    worst heat wave in last 1.000 years in Russia with huge fires causes hundreds of casualties blocking export of wheat. Some nuclear power plants are besieged by flames.
    August 9th
    off the coast of Mumbai in India clash between a tanker and a cargo vessel with oil spill, dozens of tons of crude oil spilled into the sea.
    August 1-10th
    floods hit India with hundreds dead and millions homeless.
    August 5-10th
    weather causes flooding in central Europe with dozens of deaths.
    August 10th
    unprecedented flood in living memory, with rivers of mud hit the region of Ladakh in Tibet.
    August 10th
    a block of ice 4 times larger than the island of Manhattan is detached from Greenland.

    * August 9: Katla Volcano, Iceland – Twelve earthquakes in the past 48 hours.
    * August 9: Deadly Russian Heat Wave Gravest Over Millennium
    * August 6: Sacramento running 10 degrees below average
    * August 5: Snow in Brazil, below zero in the River Plate, tropical fish frozen. For a second day running it snowed in Southern Brazil and in twelve of Argentina’s 24 provinces including parts of Buenos Aires.
    * August 3: Coolest July in San Francisco since 1971
    * August 3: More than six million fish and thousands of alligators, turtles, dolphins and other river wildlife are floating dead in Bolivian rivers, the cruel aftermath of the extreme cold in South America.
    * August 3: Argentina colder than Antarctica
    * August 1: Peru declares state of emergency
    * August 1: Worst flooding in Pakistan history
    * July 31: July rainiest month in Mexico history
    * July 29: Record cold in San Diego
    * July 10: Record cold at LAX

    Time line is bit scre.ed...but...this is January to August...
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    No big deal. That's just daily news here, all covered in the first "top of the hour" segment right before Regis and some blond bimbo.
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    Now, I'd like to see "top of the hour news", when Earth blows up...just to see the bimbo's face... b::
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    :rolleyes:Film at eleven.....!
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    You do realize that statement made absolutely no sense, right? You cannot watch television if...the world...


    I wonder if Regis and that blond chick are Zionist Jews? Probably. They could have a private bunker under the city bank. Never know, just sayin'.
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    Yes I do realize!...Nobody is going to tell me what to do when I'm dead! If I want, I'll watch the bimbo! I'll even watch the film at eleven!...Take that! HA!.... [stoner]
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    End of the world from natural caused disasters or war its a tough call and both equally hard to get through. If yellowstones blows we are all screwed even me an im a aussie
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    A funny thought hit me. You know we have massive amounts of reports regarding earthquakes (big and small), cold "waves", blizzards, hurricanes, fires, etc, etc. all the way to ice shelves calving massive chunks. Guys, all of this stuff did not *just* start happening. It has been happening for as long as there has been an earth. We are just more aware of the stuff because the media has to report SOMETHING. I mean seriously, how does a cold wave that kills 225 people affect you, unless you WERE one of the 225? Life goes on. People pick up the pieces and move on with life. If good old nature decides to whack you, it's all over, no worries. If you live through one of these and survive, it is because (most likely) you were ready (prepared) or lucky, or (most likely) both. If the earth goes: Boom Boom shaka laka boom boom, then all of our worries are over. I am prepared for every other eventuality that I can prepare for, within reason.

    One of the most important preparedness items to stock is a HEALTHY desire to REMAIN alive. If you focus on the gloom and doom (and no BS on "staying informed", because frankly an iceberg falling off Greenland affects you HOW? Please.) then you are doomed to fail...

    Just be aware, that is good. Trying to tie a bunch of ecological hoo-ha into a coherent statement that the earth is about to go belly up...please. The Earth is just fine, and it will go on being fine long after we are gone.

    Always brings a smile to my face:
    YouTube - George Carlin: Earth Day
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