OK So What Happens to the Rest of the US (Martial Law, etc.) if a Nuke goes off in One State Only?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by ED GEiN, May 8, 2017.

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    Someone made a good point that caused me to re-evaluate my mindset of what would happen to the rest of the US if North Korea or any other force hit one State, say Washington State, for example. They basically said things would be like what happened after 9-11: Flights would be grounded, etc. What do you think- will the US Government have the Country under Marital Law with curfews, stop/slow down commerce/shipment of goods, etc., for a period over a month? I welcome your speculation.
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    I think you are over thinking things. If the majority of the country was unaffected why would the entire country submit to blanket martial law. Why would things not continue as much as possible like normal, while at the same time rendering aid to the area of the country affected. Possibly that portion of the country might require evacuation and abandonment like Chernobyl. One would assume America would pull together to help relocate survivors. My 2 cents.
    BTW. Since we are the only country to nuke anyone, believe it or not we have history with Occupation and relocation, and rebuilding afterwards. Read your history of US actions after we dropped the bombs on Japan. My dad was with the evaluation and observation, and occupation forces after Japan surrendered. I think the horrors he saw scared him for life.
  3. Lone Gunman

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    Magnify the 2005 Katrina hurricane's Federal Government management and control 'super fiasco' in southern Louisiana by a complication and intimidation factor of, at least, 10; and you'll be about there!
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    The simple fact is I do not believe the the federal government could handle a national martial law scenario not enough troops and or logistics. Larger cities maybe so you handle the bulk other than that no way and the attrition will be massive
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    I believe that if the presidential race had went the other way and we had a nuclear bomb go off in Washington state,then we would have marshal law. Gun control,curfews, the dims would have stepped in and tried to take complete control of our government and do away with our constitution,no more good ole USA.as we know it now.
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    Oh...om11...you are such an optimist! ;) Think on the brighter side....a nuke taking out Washington DC and the alternative winner would have been a cause for celebration would it not?
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    I think you should change the title from saying "if" to "when".
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  8. Oltymer

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    How could they possibly pass up the opportunity to enable more central control?
  9. Bandit99

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    My personal belief is a regional Martial Law might be possible but only temporary, certainly not nationally. Maybe history has the answer... these are precedents that hold a lot of weight so difficult to change...

    "martial law has been instituted on the national level only once, during the Civil War, and on a regional level only once, during world war II." (Note: but a few other 'Limited version' times regionally by state governors)

    "....at the outset of the Civil War, in July 1861, Congress ratified most of the martial law measures declared by President Abraham Lincoln. Its martial law declaration gave the Union military forces the authority to arrest persons and conduct trials...Congress initially refused to ratify Lincoln's suspension of the writ of habeas corpus...The Supreme Court reviewed the issue and ruled in Ex parte Merryman that only Congress had the power to suspend the writ of habeas corpus."
    "The Supreme Court held that neither the president nor Congress could give federal military forces the power to try a civilian who lived in a state that had federal courts."

    "On December 7, 1941, the day that Japanese warplanes bombed Pearl Harbor in what was then the territory of Hawaii, Governor Joseph B. Poindexter, of Hawaii, declared martial law on the Hawaiian Islands. The governor also suspended the writ of habeas corpus. The commanding general of the Hawaiian military assumed the position of military governor. All courts were closed by order of the military governor, and the military was authorized to arrest, try, and convict persons. Under Poindexter's martial law order, approved by the president, the military courts were given the power to decide cases without following the rules of evidence of the courts of law, and were not limited by sentencing laws in determining penalties....These martial law measures were challenged by criminal defendants shortly after they were put in force. In Duncan v. Kahanamoku (1946), the Supreme Court held that the military tribunals established under martial law in Hawaii did not have jurisdiction over common criminal cases because the Hawaiian Organic Act (31 Stat. 141 [48 U.S.C.A. § 532]) did not authorize the governor to close the courts of law when they were capable of functioning."
  10. BTPost

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    Really what it ALL comes down to is: "He who has the Biggest Guns, WINS..." Period.... Martial Law is only enforceable against those who decide not to comply with FORCE... You bring your ARMY, and I will bring MY ARMY, and we will have a Pi$$ing Contest and the Winner, gets ALL the Marbles.... and the Loser gets to go find another ARMY, and Try again if he LIVES....
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  11. Imasham

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    Was martial law declared after 9/11?
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  12. BTPost

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  13. ghrit

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    What was the reason behind that post? It's hard for me to believe finding that out was so difficult that someone has to ask such a simple question. But, no, it wasn't, and had it been, would it have made any difference, Ed?
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    Washington State is on the other side of the country from Washington DC. I assume that's a pain in the neck for non-US citizens to deal with.
  15. Legion489

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    Depends completely where the bomb went off. OR/Wash/CA/DC/NYC/Chicongo/Deriot and the people of the US would bomb NC into a nuclear glass hole, then give the survivors a big THANK YOU for ridding the country of those pest holes.

    If anyone has any advanced knowledge of when and where, possibly we could get a Demonrat "Leadership" Convention there or something.
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  16. BTPost

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    NC??? Why would we turn North Carolina into a Glass Hole.... They may be Tzara Heels, but they are still Americans.[lolol]
  17. chelloveck

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    No pain in the neck to anyone, who knows the difference between the two. ;) The reference to DC was deliberate. Who, from the perspective of the critics of critters of the DC swamp, wouldn't be satisfied that swamp had been drained. I realise that Hillarity lives in NY....but I dare say she visits Washington DC often enough to make the enterprise attractive enough.
  18. Ura-Ki

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    Martial law is not needed, we have Admiralty law which is just as good, if not better at suppression of rights, with out the formalities of congress approving it or the sitting POTUS ordering it Look back through history and see for your selves which one works better! WW-2 saw the wide spread gang rape of the people under this system, and the utter lack of judicial review fixed it permentally ! Look at the Draft , look at the Nationalization of manufacturing, look at the Fed usurping the State ownership of Hydro'letric power generation, look at the federalization of the National Rail network, Ship Building, ect...... None of these could have come about with out One of the Two systems in place! I personally watched 10000 tones of food stuffs sit on a dock and then be rejected, after being declared unfit, only to be "collected" and taken to secure storage for what ever reason. if it had been unfit, it wouldn't even have been shipped ( from the #1 U.S. Allie no less) it would have been destroyed, RIGHT, Hell no, Can't let the good people have the good stuff, it was taken for the elites to use for their needs at some later date. Note, Britt Rat-Packs are vastly better then the U.S. MRE's and this is why they were collected and taken away, whilst the poor folks suffering through Katrina were sent out dated MRE's And guess who was in charge? State Politzi!!!
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    Let's see, what will happen.
    Well, lots of people will be dead/dying, there will be a mass influx of support intended to get to victims but it will be held up due to the radiation exclusion zone. So those inside need to get out. Hopefully there isn't a #2 nuke waiting at a gathering point.
    The government "Will" declare martial law.
    The government will go on a witch hunt to find the perps.(They will have a 10 - 20% chance of picking the right one)
    There will be a massive call to arms and plenty of new boots for the military.
    We will invade someone.
    There will be wide spread mayhem and chaos. (looting, fires, general bad behavior)
    People will get shot far far away from ground zero.
    It'll generally be each for their own.
    Wait until there are no more deliveries to grocery stores.
    all I'm saying is, if it does happen, please let it be winter.
  20. ED GEiN

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