Okay, is this a doable type space alot inside a cabin?

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    Ok i did the math on what a 10 year supply of the basic of grooming and food and other basic supplies for a person to live after the shtf type living in a rural area with some basic hunting and a raised bed gardening to help keep the person in .

    The space is 14.ft long-x-12.ft.wide-x-12.ft tall with area has a long shelf along one of the wall to hold supplies and a two section shelf on the other side with a 2.1/2.ft wide walkway section and a 2.ft wide walkway in the one front area .

    The walkway's also are going to be used as a storage area once all the supplies are put into shelfs and the units can be sacked on top of one another if need .

    This part of the cabin is under a hill and hidden from site with a trap door going into the unit .

    There also a 10.ft.long-x-12.ft.wide-x-4.ft deep storage space under the floor f the cabin also for storage of supplies .

    Here is some of the basic items i have put togerther for the person

    -x-bars of soap-x-240.bars of soap based on the fact of using two bar's of soap a month-x-24.bars a year-x-240 bars total
    -x-shaving razor-x-130.razors blades
    -x-underdeodant stones-x-4-a year-x-45.
    -x-toothbrush -x-5-year-x-50
    -x-toothpowder-x-3-a year-x-30

    clothing list .

    work pants-x-3-
    jeans pants-x-3-
    underwear-x-12.set of t-shirts-underwear-
    -x-24.sets of socks for wearing as need
    sleeping clothing-sets of t-shirts and pants-x-6-
    -x-diff type of shoes & boots-x-5-each type
    -x-diff type of shoes laces for the diff shoes and boots-x-10.each
    -x-pillow case-x-12-
    -x-other items not listed

    spare parts for the diff weapons
    basic clp for all around weapon cleaning with a kg leather cleaner paste for leather items -x-40.bottles

    smalls arms ammo
    -x-5.56.mm cal-x-12,case lots
    -x-pistol cal-x-shtf hand gun-x-back up handgun-x-working handguns -x-6.case lots for each cal
    -x-pratice ammo.22.lr for the rifle and pistol-x-2.case lots .

    Alot of the supplie's are put into vacumed packed plastic bags to make them into compact packages then packed into diff sized rubbermaid storage totes & tubs for storage in the supplie area as it need

    The clothing items where broken down into the socalled flat plastic space storage bags that you can handle diff sized items that can be vacum packed down to a smaller space to be stored togerther into a single rubbermaid storage tote or tub

    Alot of this list is my personal supplie list i have put togerther over the years

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    your going to see some double area of the supplies section where i redid the area and never renamed the section along with something i had played with in clothing v-2-many year's ago
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    good preeping I don't know where you live here in montana the homesteaders of 1910 lived in a 8x10 shack for the whole family.like here game vanished quickly . think your on the right track
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    That's an enormous amount of materiel to be stored in the one cache....I'd be dividing the total amount by 10 and then cacheing it in 10 locations. If you lose the cabin to fire or plunderers you only lose 10% worth of your supplies and you have 9 more years of consumables to live on.
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    One of the things you may want to consider is that your normal routine will change drastically. If you wash or shower more than once or twice a week I would be surprised but those items could be used for barter. I personally will probably will be shaving once a month whether I need it or not. I think you fall terribly short in the clothing area of your list. It should be more like 12 -20 pair of jeans,loose the work pants. It is SHTF no work, aside from staying alive. You may also want to include some jeans of smaller sizes because of the weight you are going to loose. Socks lots more socks and not nearly enough undies, unless you plan on going comando. The main thing missing on your list is food and water, without it you list isn't going to do you any good
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    i would also add a few belts or some suspenders to the clothes dept!
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    I'd add supplies to make things that might come up. Like a roll of heavy canvas type cloth, Roll of Denim cloth, Leather, & Thread in varying thicknesses. An definitely double yer underwear storage amounts. Not to mention spares of hard use tools like shovels & hoes.
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    All in one structure?
    One fire and its all gone.
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    yes hoes lots of hoes i love having hoes ...

    Ok guys hank seems like he has his shit together and is on the right path...he only asked if it would fit in a small spot .. we are getting abit out of controll on him...
    but its fun lets keep it up!!!
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    I wonder if he has considered stocking up on condoms?
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    why? you gotta make more farmhands / laborers somehow
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    Not sure if all that will fit but you want to keep walkways in the room so you can access whatever you need without removing everything. If you live in a earthquake prone area it would be a good idea to make sure things are secured in a way they won't topple over.
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    Due to lack of space, I would consider packing sundries and extra clothing into watertight drums outside the home. Possibly cache them elsewhere, or bury/stack them out back. In each barrel, I would probably have enough expendable supplies (TP, soap, spare clothes, water treatment chemicals, etc) for 6 months. That would be 20 drums for the 10 years. It may come out to less than that (the TP will take a lot of space). The drums would fit fine in the space underneath, but getting into them with 12 inches of head room would be a pain.Plus if one had to leave the location for long term or for good, you could roll however many drums into your vehicle and have a little bit of everything for a time.
  14. KAS

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    Drums are a great idea cause when they are empty they have so many uses
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    My solution, is not yet listed, and may not be to your liking. (no telling) But I would dig a basement. and set the cabin on rails and rollers. My cache would be beneath, and out of the way. Only what was needed would be above ground. the cabin could easily be moved forward and backward with a come-a-long, and a tree or post (even an earth anchor) as needed. The historical railroad rail is 39' long, that would give you two rails 19'6". (with 4 one foot pieces) it would allow for a 12' wide structure to shift 4'6" (wide enough for a stairway) for access. A cantilevered deck on the rear of the building, would cover all of the exposed rails when closed, and project over the 1 foot stops on the ends of the rail. These stops are each one foot pieces of rail bolted or welded upright at the end of the rail. If properly skirted, and trimmed out, there would be no evidence of a cache, unless someone got under the deck (which could ALSO be skirted) If you disguise your pull points, no one would know the cabin could move. :cool:
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    A nice lateral solution to the problem.
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    WOW ...
  18. Ajax

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    That's a pretty cool set up. Good way to hide stuff.
  19. kellory

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    Thank you. Any hatch or door might be found, especially after it has been used a few times (wear marks, dirt, scratches) but few would ever think of the house itself moving.
  20. kellory

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    Hmmm, it seems this would serve the same function, while being ready made and modular
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