'Old Friends' (15 minute SHTF Video)

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by melbo, Feb 22, 2007.

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    Good point if you really trust your neighbors, where I live I could pull this off and most of the neighbors are equipped in one way or another. Something to think about though for sure
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    I think that anyone living in a city will be screwed. You can defend your place , maybe, against an attack or two. After that, they know you are alive. If you are alive, you have food and water. They'll be back in growing numbers until they take you.

    Sorry for the doom and gloom. But, if you are laid up in a house in the city, you will eventually have to leave. Even if you have 2 years of food and water. WHat do you do when that runs out? You leave. Why? Cities are an artificial living consition. More asphalt than soil. If you can't gro your own food, you will need to eventually go somewhere you can.

    Or become a predator. That's the biggest thing that scares me about hanging out at various survival forums. Most folks are more into guns than food. I shoot predators.
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    Just to verify:
    Deep Survival: Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why by Laurence Gonzales
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    I agree, if it was long term/permenant then unless you were well out in the burbs where you would have large enouph lawns and such to do soething then you would eventualy HAVE to leave. More what I was thinking of in the other post was something like say Katrina or something where things could be expected to get at least somewhat back to normal in say a month or 2 at the outside. I would still MUCH rather be out where I am (or further) in the country but know due to lack of work in rural areas a lot folks cant live outside of comuteing distance from metro areas, so would just be for makeing best could of worst situation.
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    But why, knowing the pistol was not loaded, did the father fight for it from his "old Friend" rather than just slug the guy or pull out the blade from his bag? I mean if you have sealed yourself in and set up boobie-traps around your house would you try and talk the guy with the unloaded gun into climbing back out the window he climbed in...or just defend your family to the fullest?

    And also trying to drown a possibly infected individual in your only supply of clean water...not the best idea.
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    I have not watched all of it yet however, I could not keep myself from commenting on how much the daughter annoys me. I am a firm but playful parent to my 10 yo and 6 yo daughter and son.

    If that were my daughter she would be at a window with a carbine, thankful that she was alive.
  8. Tango3

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    Been a longtime,pretty good even in reruns: "fema will be here soon( to redistribute our stuff and give us a ride to the camp").[patr][peep][peep][gun]

    yup,I'm seriously under armed..
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    Well, the new connection isnt the fastest thing around but at least was able to watch it finaly. A couple of the things that I caught was that the guy was stupid enouph to NOT buy the ammo in advance when they had the gun even if he had to just get a box or 2 and hide it. Then when most folks are apparently dead and he is scavenging gas he hasnt bothered to find a vacant house to scavange ammo and or a gun to fit it. It also seemed pretty screwed up that the wife thought to go outside to get the hot water then used the jumpers from the generator to electricute the guy but couldnt grab a knife from the kitchen.

    Aside from the ammo, the restof the above stuff might be due to panic but I also thought it a bit odd that they thought to booby trap the place, baracade windos and such but put the stove outside and used it there (a large portion of us use propane stoves in the kitchen) not to mention the gas seting out to make it easy for anyone trying to get themout to burn them out.

    The daughter was also a trip, I would have had to remind her there was no longer any DFS to keep me from preventing her from sitting for a week or so.
  10. Higgy

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    I finally just watched this. Despite the incredulity of the daughter and father characters - there's a lot of holes in the story - but all in all it wasn't too bad. I do however have serious problems with the father being a "survivalist" yet kind of a lame-o. The whole thing never would have happened if he had been watching the ladder. While I realize the ladder was only a prop to get into the conflict scene, nobody with a survival instinct would be numb-enough to leave it rolled out and walk away from it.

    Also, as mentioned previously, the gun without bullets is disturbing. Why did he not buy any bullets for the gun, yet feel it necessary to drown someone? Talk about self contradictions! A big hole, that one.

    Another glaring problem that impairs my "suspension of disbelief" while viewing this vid is bad guy #2, who just took a pan full of boiling hot-cocoa to the face, yet his libido be so strong that he feels it is necessary to attempt to get it on with the daughter. If that happened to anyone in the real world, they'd be much more-interested in the 2nd and 3rd-degree burns on their faces instead of trying to get their rocks off.
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    Since we've got a number of new people, figured I'd bump this. It's worth 15 min of your time to watch.
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    yes worth the watch thanks.
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    It is a good reminder of what we do, and why.
    I sent this to others that are planning on "buggng in".....
    Personally, I can't see it, but then I don't have much to lose here, but our very lives!
    Good reason to have OPSEC and a place to go to (long before) it gets to that point.
    Dogs, I have some, but they can be a pain in the ankles when they decide to bark! In the wild where I plan on going, IF they bark, it's because you have VISITORS! Training time!
    The booby trap inside the home is NOT a good idea!
    I set some once, playing around in the fenced "backyard" of a home I had in the downtown area....lot's of low life's in the area....figured it would be a good idea for an early warning sytems before they were able to break into the garage area.....
    My advice: Don't go there!
    The leagality alone is a bear if they are outside, inside, they are more hazardous than you can begin to imagine!
    But, common sense was out the window with these people....and then, the bad guys came in the window.....!
  14. Sherman

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    I thought that was a pretty good little production. I wonder if he has made anymore?
    As far as why he didnt have bullets. The guy said to the wife "if you would have let me buy bullets 6 mos ago". Hmmm yeah, my wife didnt see the priority in me buying 500 rnds of .223 while being unemployed.

    The daughter was incredibly irritating, which made me realize she was a damn good actress.
  15. kckndrgn

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    Or they told her to "act natural" and that's the way she is in real life;)
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    Good reminder of need for opsec, thanks for posting.
  17. melbo

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    Bump again for the new crew
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    The family will be watching this tonight. Thanks for the bump Melbo.
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    This is why my very first prep was a carefully chosen ally who also wished to be prepared.
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    Thanks for posting this. Anything in this genre is food for thought. There is a similar video available on iTunes: "After Armageddon" from the History Channel. It runs about 90 minutes, I think. Because it carries the History Channel brand, a lot of sheeple will take it more seriously. It's premise is also an Avian flu pandemic.

    "Old Friends" distills things pretty well as y'all have pointed out: 1. be discreet in your preps (a Georgia father got investigated by Child Protective Services for having a bug out bag and feeding his kids organic food). 2. Have Gun Will Shoot means having ammo. 3. successful defense will be difficult to impossible in the city 4. Survival is mindset and determination/discipline. That's got to start well before the event goes down.

    Again, thanks for bumping it for us newbies!
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