Old Outdoor Gourmet BBQ Pit Died Today

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by TXKajun, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. TXKajun

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    Today I told Sweetie our Outdoor Gourmet charcoal bbq was cooking its last meal. frown. It's rusted out on bottom and lower sides. It's been a great grill for 3 years now and has withstood the elements pretty well, being stored outside without a cover.

    Sweetie replied "Well, I've been wondering what to get you for Valentine's Day, so here's the $$ for you to order what you've been talking about for a couple of months now, the 22 1/2" Weber Silver charcoal grill, the rotisserie for it, the charcoal holders for indirect cooking and a nice cover for it. Oh, this is all selfless,by the way! You know our Bunny (DS) and I only eat 3 helpings of what you cook on the bbq just to be polite." LOLOL

    Soooooooo, Amazon got our order today and should deliver on the 6th and 7th. I've been wanting a rotisserie for years and years now for a charcoal bbq....and here it comes. smile. What a gal!



    frown. smile.
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  2. ditch witch

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    RIP old grill.

    Post pics of the new one when it comes!
  3. kellory

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    Dang it, now I'm drooling...:cool:
  4. TXKajun

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    OK, after 3 days using this new Weber, I'm impressed. Also, it has so dang many accessories that Sweetie ain't gonna have a problem wondering what to get me for the next several years for birthdays and Christmases! LOL

    So far, I've done 2 racks of baby back ribs (could have used another hour on the grill, but were ok), 2 cornish game hens (came out pretty dang good), a steak done via the reverse sear method (was real good) and today, a whole chicken on the rotisserie. Let's see if I can post a couple of pics from today.

    26016e55-1389-4b54-b47d-1608931def59. and Chicken.

    I'm not sure how that shaft of sunlight got in the first pic, but that about sums it up! LOL

    26016e55-1389-4b54-b47d-1608931def59. Chicken.
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  5. HK_User

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    I'll just have to make do with my old Oil Field model. It should be good for another 100 years. DSCF0100.JPG
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  6. TXKajun

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    OK, after 2 weeks, here's an update on my Weber setup.

    Do NOT buy a Weber kettle bbq! There are tons of "add-ons" that will suck money from your bank account just like a vacuum cleaner! The bbq itself is under $100, which is a great price. The accessories though go from under $10 for drip pans to $60 for a Smokenator (look it up, great idea!) to $140 for the rotisserie and up to $150 for the Kettle Pizza accessory! Plus a few more accessories between $10 and $50 that are "gotta have" items. Little did I realize that I was only getting the tip of the iceberg when I ordered the kettle grill. eek. Of course, with all the neat accessories, I now have a total cooking system that I'll get literally years of use from and can cook anything from veggies, burgers and hotdogs to the best steaks Sweetie and I have ever tasted to wood-fired oven pizza at home now. biggrin. Doesn't take too many trips to the local pizza shack with our 15 yo son who eats like a locust, or too many steak dinners at decent restaurants to make up the $$ spent on the cooking system. Plus a little savings on gas use from the gas stove or electricity from the electric stove and gas to get to the restaurants. (Yeah, I'm trying to justify my purchases! LOLOL)

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  7. KAS

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    im glad u r happy with ur set up ...
    For those of u looking for a good pit that will last you for years or want to build one cheap i suggest checking the scrap yard .... they are selling for 25cents a pund and will never go bad ... people would rather sell there pitts for a hit of the rock ....

    also how much does a bag of charcoal go for these days ???
  8. NotSoSneaky

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    Divine intervention ?

    Manifest Destiny ?
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