Old to new, 1939 metal lathe....

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    I bought this some years back from a gentleman in his 80's....
    I got it for $800.00 and I never looked back!
    It came with a drawer full of change gears, and 2-3 jaw and 2-4 jaw chucks, plus several jacobs chucks for the tailstock.
    More tooling than I could count, and a slew of about 12 different tool holders, commercially made, and of his own design.
    He changed the 3/4 horse reversible motor, belt drive from below to up above, and had it pretty sweetly set-up, that is, until I got the collet chuck bound up doing some tapping and fried the original motor. Now it has a new single speed 1/2 horse, non-reversible motor, but I make do!
    I just set it up with an indexable 4 way tool holder to make it more efficient. With 2 of those, I now have 8 separate tool holders that can be interchanged with the flip of a lever.
    He gave me a lot of old style boring bars, that I was surprised to see none of them were damaged! Out of all the stuff that came with this (including the table made of 2 x 12's, 4 x 4's and such) he gave me center drills, and reamers, and drill bits.
    I just tried doing a single and a double knurling with the new holder, and it was a lot smoother than I thought possible!
    Biggest drawback, is one of the gears ( backgear) has 3 teeth broken and I have yet to be able to replace it.
    Oh, and it weighs about 400 lbs!!!!
    NO fun to move around!
    Cast iron will do that!
    It's the simple things that make life fun!
    I had to buy a collet chuck $600+, and 2 sets of 5c collets and all the tooling I am used to...that set me back a few $$!
    But it's up, it's running, and I'm ready to PLAY!
    I have a friend in Prescott that has a mill, and I have all the tooling and
    such for him as well.....
    Together, "WE" could make some fun stuff!
    Picture 001. Picture 002.
  2. Byte

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    Wow that's awesome. I'd love to have a lathe and the space to use it.

  3. bnmb

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    Nice, but space always a problem... :(
  4. dragonfly

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    I'm looking into getting a manual "bridgeport" mill also, but those are really tall, and weigh about 2500 lbs!
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