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  1. I did this. I cancelled certain site accounts that would disparage the monkeys or anyone n particular. I bought a domain but will refrain from promoting it. I had no intention for any of us to be mad at each other... especially when I'm all each's. I looked at the sight supporter. When I can manage to buy an ad, I will do that.

    So my avatar is insulting? I'll create something that I can upload. This engine is a bit picky till the mods were to kick it up above 100 res. There. An olive branch.
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    You now have my attention . What are you talking about?
  3. The Banana peels thread became an insult fest, my former avatar was said to insult the onbooard Christians. My site was not well received, so I just deleted them all and got my own domain.
  4. Seacowboys

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    I kinda liked the fish walking thing; Jesus probably liked it too.
  5. If he can walk on water he should be well able to have a fish walk on land.
  6. BTPost

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    Note to "The Good Dr" Walking on water is really nothing new, or exceptional. Folks have been doing it since BEFORE recorded history. The trick is to wait till it gets stiff, in winter...... ...... YMMV.....
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    Pry, Sorry about your post. In trying to fix the double post, I messed up and accidentally deleted both. My appologies. Please repost your post.....
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    I thought I did it. I'm on a very unfriendly network. Come to think of it, you probably deleted just one but did it right at the time I deleted one (which of course was right when internet explorer locked up). I know, I shouldn't use that browser, but I really don't have a choice right now.
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    Your avatar appeared to be a nod to evolution with the walking fish (Darwin inside the walking fish on cars). The juxtaposition of Jesus and an icon of evolution would be something that I would think was an attempt at ridiculing Christ. Having said that, I don't need to defend God, He's got that covered.

    Sticking around is fine, and I'm sure most people will give you a second chance. Be prepared to have thicker skin, and expect to have what you write challenged. I recommend against throwing out what you believe to be true and then getting huffy when you are challenged.
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  10. "Huffy" is in the eyes of the reader more than the author. As for thick skin, you are assuming I don't have such. When I'm falsely accused of just about anything, I seek no approval to call it out. I'm pretty much a servant to all, but not a doormat, still your destructive crtitique is acknowledged. Same for Jesus walking his fish. You interpret what you want. The attempt is to ridicule man for arguing about things they cannot prove one way or the other.

    What I see in many, no names mentioned, is the need to control others. I used to know a gear head who was like that. If you say an adage one way, he'd insist only the way he heard it is correct. He could tune a carb or even set the timing just by sound and feel, but deal with anyone else being correct? Well he's divorced now because of that trait. I guess he was married first to his hot rod and job...
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    Well, there was a time when I would have been the FIRST to jump down the neck of any religious quagmire, but these days it just doesn't pay to argue the subject with emotions involved. Minuteman is perhaps one of the best conversationalists around that I have seen --and even I have learned to respect a man such as he. Wise choice on the avatar...it goes a long way with some to show respect now and then. This is coming from an Atheist, too. lol. :cool:
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  12. I'm agnostic. I tend to believe, but don't believe it can be proven by our current technology.

    I used to say "Live and let live."
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  13. ConeheadSkullHun2.


    Some think these guys created man. I've been speculating that they could be the distant ancestor of a chimpanzee or other simian


    See the similarity in the skull? Over millions of years all species tend to degenerate, save for humans, as we exemplify here in America by hyper-generating, or, in other words, growing taller than the rest of the species.
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    Hey, thats my old avatar! I sure do miss him.
  15. Gator 45/70

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    The first skull is a Paracas fashion statement of the time's,The second is how sapper john really look's...lol
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    Only when he "smiles"..........
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    Avatar? I thought it was pic of you.
  18. Okay fellows... Paleontology is not the study of the whereabouts of white picket fences...
  19. Clyde

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    Oh, to have a prehensile tail! I could get do much more accomplished. It appears that the coneheads were real
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  20. Clyde

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